Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Bay Beauty - Packaged by Julep?

I had recently ordered Illamasqua Blizzard from The Bay. When it came I opened the box and cursed. I had OBVIOUSLY gotten the wrong item. It said blizzard on the box, but it was a solid heavy box obviously too big to to be a nail polish. It felt like a foundation or a skincare item as it felt heavy and obviously full. 

But nope, it was actually  just FOUR of my nail polish.

The shade is pretty, but I really only needed one. This kind of leads me to believe that either the people who worked in the Julep shipping department moved over to the Bay. I say this jokingly, but seriously? Why is it that everytime I get an order from a company I have to phone them because of some issue? Is it THAT common for companies to screw up, or am I just someone with really bad luck? I think a fair estimate is that 30% of all my online orders come incorrect. Is this a normal percentage? Or is it seriously just me?


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