Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A few weeks ago, me and a friend went to Fargo for awhile. While there we went to Bonanzaville for the day. Its a historical museum of sorts that basically is a small old time town within itself. And to be honest, I had very little interest in going. But I actually had a great time. And it was actually really interesting and I am glad I went.

But really, not sure I could deal with the little old house on the prairie living style. NONE of these beds looks comfortable!

The bathroom and closets are far too small....

and the decor........

Not to mention, I just don't think I am quite this domestic:

Mind you, I could always get a job in the courthouse!

As the court stenographer!

Nope, I mean, I know back then that would have been the job, but how about judge instead? Yes! Judge and jury! I like THAT job!

(just a fast note, this is me with OUT makeup. I really am THAT white. Its not a makeup goof up!)

So I would be fine with the judge gig, but the medical facilities of the time kind of scare me.

Well, if the worst case is that I end up in a wheelchair, I guess that would be..... nope, still not liking it.

On the bright side, if the judge thing doesn't pan out, at least I have a backup plan!

A friend to crack the safe at the bank!

And if my classroom is going to look like this, and likely house all grades.....

At least there is a saloon with a BIG selection of drinks!

And a big pharmacy full of drugs and cosmetics! And I can buy a float in the back!


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