Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tarte Bon Voyage Collectors Set For Holiday 2014

I am not blown away by this set, and I cant say I love it. That being said, it is heads and tails above the set from last year. For many of you , this will be a fantastic deal and fantastic set. I will touch on the pros and cons and why this set is simply not for me.

This is the bag it comes in. Below is a picture with the tassels showing as I think they are too cute to not show you. I really like the bag. It feel sturdier than last years, and the shape of it makes it a breeze for packing. I swear, make up bags should always be squares, cubes or rectangular. Jut makes it easy.

And here is what it looks like when you open it up. Instead of last years mass of minis, this year, you get one full sized gloss and one full sized lipsurgence. I must say the pencil is my favourite thing in this bag aside from the actual bag itself.

The maracuja oil seems standard in all large tarte sets. If you have a tarte set or two from previous years, you most likely have tried this before. The finishing powder is large enough to be able to test it out for quite a bit of time, though the jar is small enough to make it a royal pain in the ass to get a normal sized makeup brush in. The mascara I have not yet tried, so no opinions there.

And here is the limited edition shimmery bronze toned but too light to be a bronzer blush stick. I will call it a golden highlight for most, or a useless inbetween for those like me. The pencil I love though the scent is quite strong, and a gloss I am not personally a fan of, though I am truly not a fan of most glosses.

Here are the three swatched:

Now the palette that comes in this years set looks very much like the one that came in last years set. I apologize, but I could not get my camera to snap images of the two side by side without it freaking out. Every picture had issues with reflection on one of the two palettes metallic design.

Last years on the left, this years on the right.

Now before I start with showing you this years palette, let me explain why I personally dont like this palette. I am very adamant than when I show you swatches on my blog that I do so with a finger and that I do so with no primer. I do this for a few reasons. To start with, different brushes will give you different results, but a finger is a finger. When it comes to primer, it is something I use daily, but something I dont think you should HAVE to use to get an acceptable look.

To me, and this might seem like a silly comparison, but eyeshadow palettes are to me like a little black dress. Every woman should have a great one. And there may be a fantastic one that looks AMAZING on you once you put on high heels and spanx, but that really doesnt do much or isn't too awesome if you skip the heels and undergarments. That does not mean it is not a great dress or does not look fantastic on you, it just needs some work. While I have those dresses in my closet, most of the time, I want to be able to throw on a dress that looks great WITHOUT the spanx. That I can toss on heels if I want, but looks just as good with a pair of flats. That is effortless and easy.

To me, eyeshadow palettes are the same thing. It MAY look great with a lot of blending, clean up from fall out or a primer, but most of the time, I want something that doesn't NEED the extra work. I am not sure if I am making sense, or if I sound crazy, but this shadow palette is 100% fine. With a primer and some effort, these shadows will be gorgeous. But with a stash as big (and unnecessary) as mine, there is simply no room for a palette that isn't easy peasy and effortless. And you do not need Inglot, LMDB, Chantecaille or other brands of that caliber to get such results. This one just falls short for ME.

Again, here is the palette and I will leave out the "why do the put the names on the stupid plastic instead of on the card?!" rant, as you have heard it all before.

The top row. The shadows are all fine. Heads above last years, but nothing special or great. As mentioned, this is without a primer.

The next two rows. Provence upon a time, bastile in the night, too haute to handle, and french riviera are really the stand outs. The glittery shades in this palette are really fantastic even without a primer, and even by my standards!

And the last five. Again, its the shimmery glittery shades that are fantastic. Both Marseille The World and C’est la Vie.

While I HATED last years palette (dont ask me why I never returned it, I have no good answer) this one is completely and totally acceptable. Is it GREAT? Not at all. Would I recommend it? Personally, with so many amazing holiday sets coming out, I would save my money. For an equal price point or better (this set is $71) Smashbox, Kat Von D and other brands will most likely have better things to come.

Have you gotten this set yet? What is your opinion on it if you did? I know many people totally love this set and that is fine. Just not for me!


  1. I'm surprised you bought this after now much you hated last year's set. I remember that post!

    1. I am also surprised I bought it! Haha. I wasn't going to. But I was in the USA, already making a big purchase, and it somehow jumped on to the counter. hehe.

      I should have returned last years, and might return this one. But my logic at this point is buy first, debate later. I can ALWAYS return it, but I dont want to regret it. And it was FAR better than last years. So I am not too upset that I tried it out.

      I returned last years off the cuff palette as it was far too dark for me. But I just ordered the new blush palette moments ago online!

  2. It's still in my wishlist. I'm a sucker for sets and the pretty bag and packaging. It's not terrible, the swatches look nice..I get what you're saying though.



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