Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chanel Orage - Nail Of The Day (Or Last 4 Days)

I put this on my nails......... 4 days ago now. I KNEW I was going to have little to no time to do nail maintenance over the week and thought this would be a great neutral that would go with everything.  The wear has been phenomenal, moments after taking this picture I touched up the tips (I leave for NYC in a few hours) and this will be what I wear the next 4 days as well. I am not into the black or even the almost black or the vampy nail at all, so this is very NOT me. But the so dark grey its almost black seems to be the perfect charcoal for my skin and seems chic without being goth. I freaking love it! I picked this up in Murale. And by that I mean the lovely Mir of  am polishes (seriously, if you haven't followed her blog yet, go there now) picked it up for me. I had given her a shopping list and said that if they were missing something from my list to just add something she thought I would like to it. She is one of the few people I trust to send shopping with my money and no guidelines. She knows my likes and dislikes!


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