Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tarte Chic To Cheek Holiday Set Swatched!

This set while listed as an Ulta exclusive (where I purchased it) is also available to all us Canadians on the Canadian Tarte site. So have no worries there. At $35USD for four deluxe size blushes I figured it was better to pick it up and question why later than skip it and regret it for the rest of the year.

The four blushes from left to right are amour, classic, daydream and prim. All are to the best of my knowledge exclusive to this set.

For me personally, classic and prim are the two I am digging. I was really expecting it to be the middle two that worked for me, but I was wrong. These blushes are .05oz each, and a full sized one is .2 oz. So you get the equivelent of one full sized blush in this set for $35USD instead of $26USD/$31CAD one blush would cost. You however get to try out 4 blushes instead of one. And with the exception of Sex Machine which I am pretty sure I am going to use up completely from NARS, it is unlikely I will ever hit pan on a blush so I am perfectly fine paying a tiny bit more for four times the options!

Overall, the shimmer in Amour will stop me from using it, so while I love two of them, I will use 3 of them. Overall not too bad and I am glad I picked up the set!

Is this one of the items on your wishlist?


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