Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ciate Mini Manor - 2014 Advent Calendar

I really had no plans to buy this set. It was on my wishlist items but I really thought it would stay on that list for the entire holiday season. But that being said, I have not missed one this entire year, and it simply jumped in the shopping cart. How was I to tell it no? I really had no choice........

The one thing that I have to say about this, is that I wish that if they were going to use quotes as they did, they would put who said the quote underneath it. A little thing, but I think it was a big one.

I thought these pearls were basically like the caviar beads and would be much smaller and you would just sprinkle them on. These obviously need to be individually placed on  the nail and not sprinkled on. Or they will look like this.


And while I didnt learn my lesson the first time, I learned half way through that these had to be placed on individually. And the second one, prima ballerina is a full on glitter. I used the pink polish as a base coat, and then the holographic glitter over top.

I used let it snow over the beige polish. It was also a jar of holographic glitter and not a nail polish.

Slumber Party, shown here over the purple was the third holographic glitter in this set.

Nail Decals:

And the full sized exclusive polish:

All the shades together:


  1. The pearls made me giggle! Pretty cute set but I think I'll skip.

  2. I laughed so hard at the pearls. I would have totally done the same thing! This actually looks like a great set. I've never used Ciate before. The formula on your swatches seems okay though. I have no idea what I'd do with that glitter though. It's gorgeous, but I bet really messy.

  3. What a cute and adorable idea. Makes a perfect gift for the holidays

  4. Thanks for the pics! I wanted this bad but think I'll skip, too much glitter pots for me.



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