Thursday, October 30, 2014

Julep Stargazer Set For Holiday 2014

Enjoy your private peek at our Holiday 2014 collection! Pre-order what you love now-the collection launches publicly on November 5th. This set is listed as selling for $85, but I highly doubt it will sit at that price. Anyways, the presale price is $40!

Light up the night with a dazzling collection that includes five shimmery shades and a sharpener. Tested and proven to last for 10+ hours of wear, these waterproof pencils deliver creamy, out-of-this-world color that goes on smoothly, sets in 30 seconds, and refuses to fade away.

Set includes:
  • Gold Champagne Shimmer
  • Emerald Shimmer
  • Smoky Mushroom Shimmer
  • Violet Shimmer
  • Black with Teal Shimmer
  • Eye Pencil Sharpener


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