Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tarte Pin Up Girl Swatches!

I had to pick up this palette. I jumped on the off the cuff one last year and sadly returned it as the shades were all far too dark and pigmented for me.

Instead of the cheap looking fake leather cuff bracelet last year, this year it comes with two hair clips. I wish that the clips were the same or at least the same size as I would be more likely to wear them then, but they are lovely and there is certainly nothing wrong with them.

An idea of just how big this is.

The hair clips.

The one thing about this palette that worries me is the clasp. It feels flimsy and I worry it will break. That being said, it DOES work and it may very well be much stronger than I fear it is.

Once more, the stupid clear plastic sheet that has the names of the shades on them instead of on the palette itself. BAH!

Up close, Embraced is really the only one that is shimmery of the bunch.

The first three had to be built up a bit to get these swatches, the last two were simply this pigmented on their own!

Overall, the texture is lovely on these blushes. One of the 5 is shimmery, two of the five are quite shocking in pigmentation and will require a very light hand, and three of the 5 are lovely sheer shades with easily buildable colour.

I really think this palette has a bit of everything in it and will have something for everyone.


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