Friday, October 17, 2014

Butter London Gears & Gadgets Ultimate Lacquer Trunk ($300 Value)

All hail the ultimate gift for the beauty obsessed! Discover your signature look with 20 gorgeous Fashion Size Shades, 4 best-selling treatments and our favourite tools of the trade. Mix, match and play with all the essentials, and never wear the same look twice. 
  1. All Hail the Queen Opaque, holographic beige 
  2. East End - Set Exclusive! Opaque, curry yellow creme 
  3. Brick Lane Opaque, gold shimmer in deep pumpkin orange creme 
  4. Giddy Kipper Opaque, indigo shimmer 
  5. Queen Vic Opaque, cranberry red creme 
  6. La Moss Opaque, wine-red creme 
  7. Pink Ribbon Sheer, white pink creme 
  8. Trout Pout Opaque cantaloupe creme 
  9. Molly-Coddled Opaque, lavender orchid creme 
  10. Macbeth Opaque, orange-coral creme 
  11. Slapper Opaque, teal creme 
  12. Lovely Jubbly Full Coverage, magenta glitter flecked with red, blue and gold micro-particles 
  13. Dubs Full coverage, taupe glitter in 3D texture base 
  14. Knees Up Opaque, metallic red 
  15. Baroness - Set Exclusive! Opaque, burgundy metallic 
  16. Earl Grey - Set Exclusive! Opaque, steel-grey metallic 
  17. Petrol Overcoat Sheer, tornate overcoat with opalescent sheen 
  18. Clockwork Heart - Set Exclusive! Opaque, wine matte-satin finish 
  19. Brass Goggles - Set Exclusive! Semi-sheer, black and gold foil glitter 
  20. Right as Rain - Set Exclusive! Opaque, heather-blue metallic 
Also included:
  • Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat 
  • Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat 
  • Matte Finish Top Coat 
  • Horse Power Nail Fertilizer


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