Saturday, July 12, 2014

Strange Beautiful Red/Blue Colorbloc Swatched

This is the colorbloc from the June Glosybox. Like with all the strangebeautiful polishes, there is no naming of these, no numbering of these, no nothing. VERY FRUSTRATING. If you pick up one of these duos from Anthropologie (this shade combo not available but others are for $18 a duo) the online store  has named them, but the brand itself? BAH!!

So we will simply call them red and blue. They are small. Like really small. 4.5 mls per polish. Which is fine since they should last about 10 manicures each. And not likely I would use more than that.

This is one coat each and no topcoat. Seriously. These are the most buttery, smooth, easy to apply polishes in the universe. They were opaque in one coat, amazingly glossy and very pretty. The red borders on tomato though, which is not great for me, but they are such an amazing formula it makes me want to wear it anyway. Both the red and blue were equally swoon worthy in application!


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