Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nail Vinyls - Review

At about 3 am one morning I happened to see a bloggers review of nail vinyls, and I impulsively bought three pages of them. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. I SUCK at stamping, stenciling, anything artistic at all and I am out. But I bought these and by morning was instantly regretting it. Another nail art project to fail at.

So they came in the mail relatively quickly, with the above directions. They were $5 a sheet and the shipping was about a dollar. I instantly decided to try to screw up I mean accent my current manicure. 

I got lightning bolts, small chevrons and large chevrons. The truth is that the chevrons are so similar in size I regret buying the large ones. But oh well. Lesson learned.

Here are the three shapes I got:

And in 15 seconds (maybe thats why all my nail art fails. No patience.) this is what I had! Not too bad for my dominant hand on the first go round!!

Overall, these are pretty much fool proof, idiot proof, or Polish Jinx proof. However you want to word it. And this is my manicure. I type this as I am about to take off on a flight to LA for L's wedding. So this is the wedding manicure. My dress is black with purple flowers.


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