Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cate & Chloe Monthly Subscription Box Package #3

So it seems that Cate & Chloe are making changes. Unlike the usual where the changes are better for them and more limiting for us, I think these changes are great! Such as the new box! Much more protection for shipping!

And inside the box:

An outline of the changes. Now its one shipment a month instead of two. I like this better as it is more cost efficient and saves money without us losing anything!

And then the goods!

I will be honest. This is the first thing I got that I simply dont like. But its also my 6th item from them, so its not like it wasn't bound to happen eventually. They are sturdy and fairly substantial without being too heavy they are uncomfortable.

Now to update you all, I have temporarily cancelled my sub. I put on my necklace for the first time (from the last shipment) and it broke. Because it was the day before the subscription would autrenew I chose to cancel unitl it was sorted out. I went online and tried to cancel, couldn't find the cancel button ANYWHERE. Where the heck is it? So I deleted my credit card info and sent them an email telling them that I was unhappy that my necklace broke and that I couldnt find the cancel so I deleted my info. Two days later they replied offering me a new piece in its place (I said no, just want a new chain for the necklace as it was the chain that was faulty) and they said they would replace it. I figured as soon as I got a shipping confirmation for the chain I would renew the sub. Well, the next day I get an emailed receipt showing that they took money for the next box. I emailed them asking how that happened when I deleted my info and they immediately credited me back the monthly fee.

I am at this point happy with the fast response (though unhappy that I cant find the cancel option) and as soon as I get the replacement chain I do plan on still resigning up.


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