Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lorac Pro Palette 2

So I am going to say something now that is going to upset many of you. I did NOT like the first Pro Palette. I had it, and I gave it away. I was sorely disappointed with the quality of it. Now , lets start with a few things. It was not BAD. But it was not up to the normal LORAC standards. Some shades were a little sheer. It was overall just disappointing. I should have listened to Cora (of Vintage or Tacky) and stayed away from it. Lesson learned. Which is also why I DID pick up the second. She did a whole video review of it saying how great it was. And again, the first one wasn't terrible. It was just not what I come to expect out of the brand. And yes, I have extremely high standards. Lets be honest. There is sooooooo much makeup out there and so many palettes coming out all the time. Who has time to waste on a mediocre palette? And while Urban Decay used to be great for me, the fall out and such has overall become more than I can tollerate. There are MUCH better neutral palettes out there than the Naked ones. Yes, they are fine. They are good even. But I no longer want good or will accept good. Patchy shades, a few too many drier shades, or insane fall out will keep me away from a palette. 

Anyways, after saying all that, I did pick up the Pro 2 palette at Ulta last weekend. And with any purchase from the brand you got a free mini cobra mascara.

Same packaging as the last one, same primer with it.

Now while many say this is the cooler version of the first Lorac palette, I think the first eight neutral shades are VERY warm. In fact, I think the navy, charcoal and silver are the only three I would not classify as warm in the entire palette.

Here are the shades:

And just in case you were curious, They ALL swatch like this. Charcoal is the only one that is a little more sheer, but its still quite pigmented. Overall, this palette is a winner in my books!


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