Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pink Glow Bonne Mine Stick And Face Colour From Laura Mercier

I love creme blushes. So when I saw the promo material for these, I KNEW I needed to try one. This is the only one I knew I didn't want. Ironically enough, its the only one in person that called out to me. This is a gorgeous vibrant rose shade that is thankfully quite sheer on the skin.

And while on me the shade is quite natural, its a little on the TOO natural on me and thus I just look red. But I always look red without makeup on anways. I have worn it twice and so far have worn it as a lipstick both times. It is rather awkward to put on as a lipstick without a lipstick brush, but otherwise, I highly recommend trying it on the lips as well!


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