Thursday, July 3, 2014

Julep Moisture Mask For Feet - Review

I got this during the big sale that just past. Not something I was ever super excited to try or had been wanting, but I figured for $5 I would give it a shot.

The entire set comes with three separate masks

I tried the one for feet first.

Now I am not too bright. On the tab pointing upwards in the picture, you cant see it but there is an L and an R underneath the tab to show which ones goes on which foot. I noticed this after I put the left one on the right foot. Since they are identical and there is no front or back, it seems like an both an irrelevant thing to label as well as an irrelevant mistake to have made.

They basically feel like if you took plastic garbage bags and put a cold liquid-ey substance inside.

Again, they simply feel like plastic garbage bags. They were very cold on the foot (not helped by the plastic aspect of the bag) and thats about it. I left them on half an hour and when I took them off I felt like I had wet cold feet. Mainly because I HAD cold wet feet. When the feet dried, they felt like feet. They did not feel like particularly moisturized feet, but more like the exact same feet I had before putting these plastic bags over them for half an hour.

Overall, I hope I am more impressed with the other two masks because this felt like a total dud to me.


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