Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Face Mask

So I have already tried and really liked one of the glamglow masks and I went in hoping to get a sample of one of the other versions. But the sales associate said this was the mask I really wanted. And it would be so much better for me. So he gave me samples of both. Today I tried this one.

Well that pretty much sums up all I know about it. I simply have no other info to give as I have never heard of this before now. It actually works out to be a little less than the Glamglow in the long run (per oz) and while $90 here, it is only $75 in the USA.

Its a very pale green almost white but when massaged in it gives you that....... Elphaba look  (no? am I the only Wicked fan?).

Here I go, all sexy and ready to party.

It dries rather quickly and didnt feel like much of anything when on. A little tight as it dried, but no stinging, tingling, cooling or anything otherwise.

And then I ashed it off and it felt............. well.......... clean. Like I had simply washed my face. I noticed no difference. That is not to say that there would not be a difference if used regularly, but all in all I was disappointed.


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