Tuesday, July 1, 2014

History Of Julep Maven Part 2

And I thought I would continue where I left off!

October 2012
The bewitching collection. Containing Elouise, Sabrina, Hermione, Lisa, Ursula, Keira (repromote), Boris & Nicole (repromote), Gwenyth (repromote), Glenda, Leslie, Caroline and some add ons. But a disappointing month when half the polishes are crakles which was already a dead trend at that point, and bunch of repromoted colours.

November 2012
The long awaited Suedes. They had been at Sephora about 3 months when these FINALLY came out!!

December 2012
This was all about glitter! The Give, Glitter & Glow Collection

January 2013
And wow, we are onto 2013!. Escape and Unwind was the collection for this month. A group of in your face bright polishes that many had hoped would see a dupe for the long past Helena. Bette certainly was close, but no dupe was found.

February 2013
Get on the A List was the collection this February. And a nice little surprise in everyones boxes!

March 2013
Get ready to play this march! Reformulated products made it less exciting for long time mavens, but the rock star hand cream seemed to be hit with all, so complaints seemed short lived.

April 2013
Well, if we thought January shades were neon and bright, we had not seen anything yet! Now again, there was some controversy over the collection. Mavens were told we would get first chance at shades and that was part of the appeal of the program. So this was yet another month where we were anxiously awaiting the Rock Candy collection that had been at Sephora for a few months already. And while we didnt get it, we did get access to a new rock candy shade, named Candy.  Must say I thought they were TOO sheer myself and was not sad to see only one, and I did get it, but it was certainly......... discussed a lot on the Julep wall!

This also saw the introduction of my beloved and now discontinued Dry Shampoo with a terrible nozzle that got clogged for loads of people!

May 2013
A lot of complaints here to this month because of how tiny the lipsticks are. And yes, they are basically 3 deluxe minis. But really, THREE deluxe minis kind of equal one full sized, and how many of us beauty addicts go through an entire lipstick. And we know Julep is KNOWN for tiny sizes, so I really didnt get the hysteria.

June 2013
Ahh.......... The DD cream and concealer. Juleps infamous little amounts in full sized LARGE packaging. i wont even DISCUSS that shitstorm!

July 2013
The California Coast Collection. This was a month where there seemed to be little to complain about. Both products have proven to be winners for them thus far. Though I must say, I am getting very very IMPATIENT and FRUSTRATED waiting for sea salt spray to COME BACK IN STOCK!!!

August 2013
Happy two year anniversary to Julep. And with that, the Garden Party Collection.

September 2013
So September brought us The Cityscape Collection. Along with the collection came two featured add ons, Reece and the sponge.

October 2013
I must say, this October was certainly an improvement over last! The Beauty profile got the liner and the Mask Noir, and the colours were both logical for Halloween, NOT repromotes, and also, were thankfully not crackles!

November 2013
Right At Home was the collection this month.

December 2013
The Glitterati collection had the oh so exciting eyeshadow palette. I have not seen any BAD reviews of it, but I think the common thread among reviews was that it fell short. Kind of disappointing.

January 2014
The Boudoir collection introduced us a new profile. Welcome to the Core Classics. An option of so far classic products from the core line. Also, the drip dry drops were repackaged and equally crappy in terms of turning yellow and evaporating out of the packages!

Core Classics Box:

February 2014
Dramatic Collection Anyone? How about Julep doing something really really sneaky and in my opinon COMPLETELY SLEAZY? Is that dramatic enough?

Mavens who signed up on or after December 18, 2013 will only get to skip once every 6 months. Julep calls that “earning” a skip NO NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!.

Mavens who signed up BEFORE that time will be “grandmothered” in.
The removal of the skip was a big surprise to everyone. Especially the mavens who signed up in the one month period where they signed up being told they COULD skip and then BAM! Surprise, no skip. I had actually referred people who got screwed by this bait and switch. And it also makes ME look bad for recommending one thing when they got another.

I posted my disappointment on Juleps facebook wall who kindly responded saying they were going to contact me. They never did. 

So if Julep wants to know why the last person I actively referred was in December, this is why. I am STILL not ok with this. And I work with a coworker who got screwed by this and yeah........ I will end this there. NOT COOL JULEP. NOT COOL.

Featured Add Ons:

March 2014
The Riviera collection. Not much to say. More lip glosses. If you like the glosses, this was great. Otherwise......

April 2014
While I liked this box, I think Julep kind of missed the boat only making ONE bronzer. There should have been a light and a dark one. Otherwise, I though the blushes were fine. Nothing too exciting or too dreadful this month.

Core Classics:

Featured Add Ons:

May 2014
Ahh.... The Fresh Twist Collection. A larger shit show not seen since the DD cream debacle or Julep stealing bloggers pictures and editing out water marks. Seriously, this company sure knows how to simultaneously piss off 2/3rds of their mavens while sucking them back! Its amazing really.

I think now that its July everyone has gotten their may boxes? I say I think, because it was THAT much of a circus. My May box came June...... 15thish? They ran out of plie wands, many got BROKEN plie wands, and there was ZERO communication until far far late into the game. They did however have enough time to do two different mystery boxes while claiming to be working around the clock to get May boxes out and promising they were doing all they could do.

Now there were also more big changes!!

Starting next June 1: New Mavens can customize their box as much (or as little) as they like. Sign up for 1 month and pay $24.99/month ($4.99 shipping for your welcome box), or sign up for 3 months and pay only $19.99/month (FREE shipping on your welcome box!!)!

Julep boxes will now be completely customizable. My Maven will give you the ability to swap out items from your box – it’s $24.99 per month or $19.99 with a 3 month prepaid subscription. Maven Luxe will have more stuff – $60 worth instead of the regular $40.This option will be $39.99 per month or $34.99 per month on a 3 month prepaid subscription. 
  • You can’t customize collection upgrades. 
  • You won’t lose your skip privileges if you have them.
BE WARNED THOUGH!!! If you try My Maven EVEN ONCE, there is NO GOING BACK! You can not get the $19.99 a month option back. 
AND ALSO NOTE: They upped the add on price from $4.99 per polish to $5.99 per polish

Now some also commented that the modern beauty box was a cop out (kind of agree) since it was not new products and was recently a core classics box. Personally, I dont want product boxes so I paid little attention. 

This was Core Classics:

This was Modern Beauty:

And this is the box I chose which was a special Color Crush option

June 2014
This was the first collection in AGES I was excited about! No pinks, mainly purples, a stardust finish polish, it SCREAMED my name as loudly as a polish collection is able to!

Featured Add On - Katerina

And we are all caught up? I think so! July boxes have not yet shipped, so we are good to go! That is all 35 boxes that have come out, I have not missed a single month, and with that - see you all in another year and half for the next installment!!!


  1. Great job on showing us all the Julep Maven boxes that there have been. I became a Maven in April 2013. I pretty much agree with everything you've had to say about all the Maven boxes since I started with Julep. By far my absolute fave has been the June 2014 Three Wishes Collection! It was the 1st time I ever upgraded since the colors were just too awesome to pass up...and I'm a purple kinda girl anyway so it was right up my alley ;)

  2. Wow, thanks SO much for putting this together! I really appreciate the retrospective and the candid feedback. There is SO much more we are working on - I can promise you that the best is yet to come. We hear your points of positivity and frustration - and are working hard to grow Julep to our full potential so we can make you happier. I've always been grateful for you - from the beginning - and never more so than today. I truly started Julep out of a joy of sharing with girlfriends, and it's been our goal to share this spirit of connection as we grow. XOXO Jane Park, CEO/Founder Julep

    1. I think cutting out the freebee commercials would help this company. Like everyone says tv free? Scam. This same thing happen with pogo when they started there commercials. It really made it suck for a few years. everyone called scam on them. I know it seams you have a overload of calls and emails to handle. Im sure its over these commercial advertising its hurting your long time mavens. I seen videos from people that clearly had no idea what julep was or is about. They sounded depressed in there free box. When I became a maven i watched several videos from people learned everything after watching for 2 months I took the plunge. I love my juleps. I don't think the commercials let people know its a sub box. I think if you were going to start out with commercials just get the name and polish out there. Then they will want to find it. Then on your home page tell people they can order or become a maven and in a few short words telling them what that means. Then when they subscribe first then offer a free first time product. I always hear I don't like colors polish is small and cheep and I didn't know I was subscribing. Now on the cancel part I do think that should be on the website. If you want them to stay and not take the free box and split because i see that is obvious. don't offer the free products until after they have taken there first paid maven box of 20.00. just telling someone they can get free box and cancel just brings a lot of people that just wanted that. FREE. There is a lot of coupon people out there and the word free is a big deal to them. I see this is causing a lot of trouble on your staff and your true customers. Well I need sleep I know I rambled I just hope Jane park sees this. I know nobody likes to be told how to do things. I just feel like this has gone on too long. I don't understand why it seams no one there is doing anything about it for a better change. And please offer some type of upgraded shipping for large orders.

    2. Thanks for your thoughtful input, and thank you SO MUCH for being a loyal Maven! We absolutely want to spend more of our time and energy delighting amazing Mavens and making it easy for you to contact us so we can do a better job for you. I'm sorry that your experience with Julep has been suffered during our growth spurts - we are working hard to address that - already pursuing some of the same ideas you have! Regarding the free box - it turns out that most people who learn of Julep for the first time that way end up becoming happy Mavens - but obviously not everyone. However, most beauty companies pay a middleman A LOT to run sampling programs for them to get their products into the hands of women. We love the idea of going direct to women so we can give them more - spending on more products for them to try instead of for a sampling company. Our focus now is to ensure that orient everything we do make your Maven experience amazing - and I know we can and will do so much more. Thanks for your thoughts and engagement - I am truly grateful. XOXO Jane

  3. My biggest heartache was that I was not a Maven in February 2014. That collection was made for me, I would have purchase the ultimate upgrade for everything. Those lip products alone were enough to break my will power, and while I've been lucky enough to get both sets of those I have been unsuccessful in my search for the sugar scrub in the gorgeous gold container. Me wants it! It's funny, at that point I had never heard of Julep and that was income tax time.

  4. Ooops, that Set the Stage collection was May 2013. Not tax time. I still would've bought the whole shebang!

  5. I loved this and the Pt 1 post! It was so cool to look back at the emails they used to send! Haha don't know why but that amused me. My goodness, I'm coming up on my 3 year julep anniversary. Time flies!



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