Friday, July 4, 2014

Royal And Langnickel Revolution Brushes Reviewed

So I already showed you all the SILK line of brushes (HERE).  I really do love them, and I love these ones even more! These are a SLIGHTLY more expensive line and like the other ones, some are genuine hair, some are synthetic. These are the four I got (must get more!!).

BX-35 Revolution Highlight Contour - Royal & Langnickel
This is a great brush. Its unique in my stash, and is perfect for contouring. it gets right into the hollow of the cheek but does not create a sharp or harsh line. its flat, but it kind of flares at the end making the shape quite unique. And also allowing it to pick up the perfect amount of product! Its not too dense, and has been WONDERFUL! 

BX-20 Flat Top Kabuki Brush - Royal & Langnickel
This is my magical eraser. Its just perfect for buffing out products you over applied or applied badly. Its dense, but super soft, and I chose the synthetic version so it works with liquids as well. This was the most expensive Royal and Langnickel brush I got at $39.99 retail (Think the pro price was $24?). This brush being as big and as dense as it is does waste a lot of product, and like the Shiseido perfect foundation brush it is a bit of a bitch to clean, but it also is like the Shiseido in that it takes mere seconds to buff in a product over your entire face! Totally and completely worth it, and I would put this along with the BX-35 as my two favourite brushes I own from the brand. The shape has not quite stayed perfectly round, irrelevant in its purpose or application, but worth noting. Its handle is also slightly thinner than the SILK one I got which makes it more comfortable to hold in my hand.

BX-95 Lg Smudger Brush - Royal & Langnickel
I love this brush for defining the outer V, getting in to apply shadow as liner to the bottom lash line and to getting shadow into the crease. Its just the perfect dense (but not too dense), super soft, and pointed brush. I actually may need to pick up a back up of this one! Its smaller and more pointed than the one from the SILK line I reviewed last time and I must say I tend to reach for this one more than that one.

BX-80 Detail Brush - Royal & Langnickel
This brush is a little more flexible and fluffy than the MAC 239. Its good for applying shadow to the lid. I find its just a little less dense than would my imaginary PERFECT brush in terms of product pick up as I really like the brush I use on my lid to pick up more product, but if I were honest, this probably does a better more concise job for that same reason.

And here are all the Royal Langnickel brushes that I have been using over the last 5 months together. I really really am impressed by these and look forward to picking up a few more. I do have some sigma brushes I picked up in January that I have not yet started to use (I was busy trying these) and I will start to put those in to rotation to give a fair try, but so far, these are the TOP of the list for me for NON luxury priced makeup brushes. They don't feel at all like budget brushes, and yet are still quite on the affordable side!

**please note as with the other Royal and Langnickel these were given to me by the brand to review and test out and not purchased. That being said, we all know that has never stopped me before from being totally 100% honest!


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