Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sephora 2014 Rouge Gift - An Improvement?

Photo Source: http://vanityrouge.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/VIB-Rouge-Welcome-Kit-5.jpg

I know I am often hard on Sephora, but I have to say the constant disregard for Canadians is hard to swallow most of the time. If I purchase online, I cant use gift cards (for no good reason, they are simply too lazy to make it work) they charge us duty and handling charges twice, once factored in to the inflated Canadian prices, and then again at the end of the order (a new thing they just started), they only give us credit online for the AMERICAN value of what we get and even if you call up and they correct it, it does not correct the $ amount you need to spend to hit rouge meaning if you are an online shopper in Canada you have to spend around $1300 to qualify for rouge, and if you return something in store you bought online, you will lose the proper value of the points even though they only awarded you the American. This leads to a lot of frustration and resentment.

Last year as a reward for spending a grand at the store you got a mini lipstick. Spend A THOUSAND DOLLARS and you get a sample sized item. It was something that many found rather disappointing. While I find the new reward (that I am sadly far too close to getting) to be a slight improvement though I have heard MORE complaint this time around.

A full sized $15 nail polish is yours with your $1000 milestone this year. I understand that its the ROUGE program and thus its going to be a ROUGE coloured item, so can we all please petition Sephora to change the name to VIB Silver? Or VIB Gold? Or VIB Platinum? Better yet, VIB Purple!!! Something so we stop getting red lip and nail items? That being said, I am rather ambivalent about the gift this time around. What are your thoughts? Have you got this yet? Do you want to get this? Do you not care?


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