Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks

An innovative, 10-hour wear lipstick that coats lips with bold color. This hybrid lipstick is formulated with Color Cushion Technology, which combines 10-hour budge-proof wear with vibrant color. Featuring a color spectrum for every skin tone, this lipstick lets you glide on velvety-soft comfort and eye-popping colors that range from classic everyday neutrals to bright shades.
Wow these come in a LOT of shades!!

  1. Noble: Matte petal pink
  2. Agatha: Matte pink nude
  3. Lovecraft: Matte berry beige
  4. Lolita: Matte dusty rose
  5. Cathedral: Matte coco rose
  6. L’Ecole des Femmes: Matte salmon pink
  7. A Go Go: Matte bright orange
  8. Countess: Matte hot coral red
  9. Adora: Metallic candy apple red
  10. Underage Red: Matte bright crimson
  11. Hexagram: Matte blood red
  12. Archangel: Matte rusty red
  13. Hellbent: Matte fire engine red
  14. Bachelorette: Matte dark reddish fuchsia
  15. Backstage Bambi: Matte vivid hot pink
  16. Sexer: Matte fluorescent pink
  17. Lullabye: Matte magenta violet
  18. L.U.V.: Matte rich violet
  19. Wonderchilde: Iridescent neon lilac
  20. Coven: Matte lavender
  21. Wolvesmouth: Metallic berry
  22. Prayer: Matte deep mauve
  23. Bauhau5: Matte deep raspberry
  24. Vampira: Matte deep reddish burgundy
  25. Homegirl: Matte black cherry
  26. Motorhead: Matte black red
  27. Poe: Shimmer navy
  28. Slayer: Matte pitch black
  29. Thin Lizzy: Sparkling brick copper
  30. Gothica: Shimmer bronze


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