Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ciate Paint Pots in Regatta, Starlet & Jewel

So many of you already saw my AMAZING and insane nail mail package I received the other day. In it were three of the most gorgeous polishes I have ever seen. And little did I know the magic worn by Adele on her fingers at the Grammys was sitting in that box! Ciate Paint Pots are a brand I had seen online but NEVER in person before. And I did not get just one, I got THREE amazing polishes!!! 

The first one I opened was Regatta. It was so amazing I had to literally stop opening the package to put it on my nails right that moment. It was AMAZING in every sense of the word. A gorgeous blue with intense shimmer, a perfect ONE COAT polish that applied smoothly and perfectly, and the biggest surprise for me - it dried to a suede finish!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Next up is Starlet. Literally the most clear and amazing duochrome I have ever seen! So clearly purple and green it puts every other purple/green duochrome to shame! This is so much more intense than Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game. I love it! But I also have to say it was impossible no matter how I tried, to catch the duochrome I just failed miserably.

Last but not least is Jewel. This is unique in my collection. A sheer purple base LOADED with holographic BAR glitter. I don't think I own anything with bar glitter, let alone a purple HOLOGRAPHIC bar glitter! INSANE! My Vanity Case has AMAZING swatches of this one with such amazing macro shots I can not even try to match! So please click on her link for complete and total nail porn!

A failed attempt to show you the duochrome magic of Starlet:

How exciting is it that Ciate Paint Pots are coming to Sephora in March????? I CANT WAIT!!!!!!


  1. OMG never knew such a polish existed purple and green plus a duochrome oh my! this is my colour combo heaven lol , must look at ciate webby now!, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, Jewel is really a fabulous polish! It's even better when you put it on, I bet you couldn't stop staring at your nails all day! Enjoy ^^



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