Thursday, February 9, 2012

Secret Cupid Nail Polish Swap - Take One

So as some of you know, I organize a world wide nail polish exchange in an online community I am a part of. I give everyone the option of playing once or playing twice (meaning you give 2 and get 2). I got one of my two packages today and OMG!!! I cant even begin to describe how awesome it is so I figure I will show you all and you can see for yourself!

So I came home from work today to find this on my bed. The one advantage to moving back in with your parents at age 30 (joys of going back to school!) is that you have a personal mail man deliver all packages to your bed each day! Thanks dad!!!

Look at these stickers! They are foam and raised! So awesome!

Ok Open purple bags first. There are five of them! But I do what my cupid tells me too!

BAG ONE - I mentioned a few times I needed a nice basic white to use as a base for some awesome polishes I have (such as Girly Bits January Morning). And I got one! Never tried Sinful Colors before, and I recently got so many blue and purple Pure Ice colours but I didn't get this one!

BAG TWO - Ulta polishes! Another new to me brand.

BAG THREE - Two more Ulta polishes (omg that teal one is AMAZING!) and Sally Hansen Glass Slipper! I just finished swatching 3 others from this line I had gotten recently and this is NOT one of the 3 I have! So yay! Will post swatches of the three I just finished swatching in the next couple of days, and then will have to do this one as well!

BAG FOUR - 3 Orly polishes. I cant stop staring at the duochrome awesomeness that is Space Cadet! WOW!!

BAG FIVE - Another new to me brand, Revlon. I had the dupe of Chanel Perplex at one point, but when I got the real thing, the revlon wen to my mom. Before I ever used it. Also a yellow holo from China Glaze I have never even heard of. Not sure if I can pull of yellow, but we will see! And two AMAZING gorgeous Essence colours as well as a mini Out The Door top coat. Now this was my one and only top coat I would use before falling in love with Dior and Cult Nails. And it will be great to pack with me when I travel!

Now that all the purple bags are opened I can check out what else is in the box. Starting with the MOST AMAZING YUMMY smelling cupcake candle. I originally saw it and thought its pink ( I HATE PINK!) and its a cupcake (my mom is OBSESSED with all things cupcakes. Including being an expert cupcake baker!) so my gut reaction was to give this to her. But then I smelled it. OH. EM. GEE. This is going NOWHERE! It may be the yummiest candle I have ever smelled.

And a cute little stamping set!

Just in case you missed the monkey stamp, here it is! I LOVE monkeys! And I actually do like real monkeys, but I am obsessed with cartoon monkeys and sock monkeys (which I collect).

Next up, a Zoya box! I have never tried Zoya before and now I finally have some Zoyas! SCORE!

Warning was taken, but also made me very curious. So I tried one and guess what? I am embarassed to say I actually LIKE the smell. But I am a freak who likes the smell of wet paint and permanent markers. So keep that in mind!

Now this was really neat to see. Its a clear base for frankening. Now I am going to HAVE to try frankening! Ive been debating buying some supplys for awhile now. Now I guess I will HAVE to buy some bottles!

Nope! My amazing cupid thought of that! Ten little bottles just waiting to be used! And one thing some of you may not know about me is I am super anal retentive about many things. I hate having a ton of mismatched bottles. And these are the EXACT SAME bottles as both Girly Bits uses and NerdLaquer. So double awesome!

Now is where I get a bit confused. No idea what to do with syringes, or whatever those little plastic things are. I do know what the ball bearings are for though!

OMG!!! SPECTRAFLAIR!!!!!!!!!! Now all the frankening stuff makes sense! Ive been DYING to get my hands on some of this stuff! I am doing the dance of joy right now! If you are not sure what the dance of joy is then you need to go google Perfect Strangers RIGHT NOW! Do not pass go, do not do anything else. Larry and Balky are a part of my childhood!

And the lovely card!

Another look at the awesome stickers!

And all the contents together!

Now I am off to play with all my new goodies! Hope you enjoyed sharing in the fun of my opening this package!


  1. LOL You referenced the dance of joy!! LOVED that show. :D

  2. How awesome! That stuff looks like fun. I love perfect strangers, too. <3 Balky

    I bought glass slipper the other day and did a few swatches for a future post. It's very pretty!

  3. What are the rubery things under the last pic of the syringes? Coooooooool parcel I would have loved a big surprise box like that to open :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  4. WOWZA! This is Epic Nail Mail :)
    Have fun!

  5. holy cow that is a LOT of stuff- what was the spending limit for these exchanges? You got hooked up good~ lol.

  6. i went through this post and kept thinking ...could this get any better?! and it did!! i have been trying to get spectaflair for the longest time! you totally got lucky with your secret valentine she rocks!!! i loved everything she sent you :D Zoya-Crystal is my personal favorite Zoya ever, im sure you will love it !



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