Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lancome Vernis In Love - Swatches & Thoughts

A while back I showed you all a new collection of 24 colours that were coming to the Lancome counters by way of a collection called Vernis In Love. I was soooooo excited that there were TWENTY FOUR NEW colours and I waited and waited for them to hit stores. I just saw them today and I was SOOOOO disappointed. We here in Canada only get 12. That's HALF the collection. I was gutted. And I looked through the colours and only 4 stood out to me.  It didn't help that the new spring collection here is also missing all three nail polishes. Those two issues together ruined my polish shopping mood for the day. 

Now that I have gotten home and looked back on the original post I did I see that there really is only one colour that I wanted that we don't get here (585 Noir Caviar), but I think it was just the fact that half were missing that upset me so much. I looked and really, nothing much stood out. Four looked interesting enough to swatch and I will get to those but first, here are the colours that are in the ENTIRE collection and the circled ones are the ones that we Canadians get to choose from.

So I swatched four of them. 501 Aquamarine, 573 Bleu de Flore, 441 Midnight Rose and 407 Gris Angora were the ONLY ones that looked good to me and I swatched them in that order. After swatching, I really dont want 573, its too dark for me. I will probably get these 3, I was just in such a bad mood when I noticed we only get half of them that it kind of killed the fun of polish shopping for me. The retail of them here is 16.00 and in the United States they are 15.00.

Now after having gone to the American website, it seems that they only have 17 available for sale over there. So I am not sure what happened to the other 7 shades. 


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