Saturday, February 11, 2012

Julep January Classic With A Twist Box

So as most of you know, I am obviously nail polish obsessed. It is therefore no big surprise that I opt to get the polish lovers box each month and not any of the other 4 styles. That being said, I was originally a Classic With A Twist (when there was no polish lovers option) and recently realized I had neglected to purchase some of Juleps polishes from the last collection. Seeing as I had not gotten the scrub yet and I also wanted Maya I ordered the January Maven box. It worked out to be less money than ordering the two items individually AND I get a spare Taylor to give away!

The first thing I noticed this time was how nicely the box was wrapped. I got this package on Thursday February 9th and ordered it on January 30th. I found it odd that my February box had not yet come yet, though some of my orders made later had, but thats life. This is the first time I have received a box that came so nicely wrapped with plastic and a ribbon.

Here is what came in the package. It seems I forgot to take a picture of them bubble wrapped, but trust me, Julep had them VERY VERY well protected! I love it when a company learns from its mistakes, listens to customers and FIXES a problem!

Speaking of fixing problems, look at the scrub! They had quite a few of the body lotions leak (mine included!) and they once more listened, learned and fixed! YAY!!!

Here it is opened. I hope you can see that indent. That was from my finger. I was surprised at how thick it was. Like REALLY REALLY thick. I was expecting a much runnier texture. So much so that I actually went and checked both my moms and a girlfriends to make sure it was the way it was supposed to. I think it will actually be much better and easier to work with being as thick as it is so I am not complaining. But it did surprise me.

The only thing I have an issue with, and its not a BIG deal, but I really think they should have put a tab of some sort to help open the foil seal. It was fairly hard to get into and I hate that there is still foil left on some of the sides. Doesn't sit well with my anal-retentive self. But its really not that big of an issue.

Maya is a peachy pearly nude colour. I love it in the bottle. But I really really HATE it on the nail. It is a frosty streaky mess. The last Julep colour I had so much issue with was Alfre. Very annoying. I am unlikely to ever wear it considering how streaky a mess it is.


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