Friday, February 24, 2012

Zoya Sunshine & Summertime Swatches

I do not have access to Zoya where I am. So the ONLY way to buy them is sight unseen. Spoons would be helpful but not available as I do not live in the United States. I recently did a few swaps and in one of the swaps, the angel who sent them sent me a bunch of spoons (about fifteen!) and two of these little books! For those of you who do not know what spoons are (I had to ask someone when I first heard of them) they are little plastic spoons with the spoon part actually painted with the nail polish. They are clear and you can hold them up to your nail and see what the colour REALLY looks like in person without investing in a polish that may or may not work! BRILLIANT!! 

I had about 50 Zoya polishes on my wishlist. The spoons alone allowed me to get rid of about 20 (though I added a couple too!). So I thought I would share the swatches with you also. Over the next two weeks you will see all the swatches she sent me! Hope they help you as they helped me. 


Reva, Kimmy, Apple, Tanzy, Rica and Faye

Reva, Kimmy, Apple, Tanzy, Rica and Faye
Breezi, Mira, Areej, Kieko, Tamsen & Sooki
Breezi, Mira, Areej, Kieko, Tamsen & Sooki
I had really wanted Reva, Kimmy,Tazy and Faye from the Sunshine collection and all but Areej from the Summertime collection. After seeing the swatches in person I now only Mira and Breezi! So much money and disappointment saved with these spoons!

Which ones do you have/love or want?

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  1. I have Kimmy and Reva. I was lucky enough to find them in a bargain bin. Kimmy is one of my fave polishes of all time. And it wears like iron! I don't have many Zoyas, but it was this collection that started up my interest in the brand. Those books seem pretty useful!



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