Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Polishes

Look what is available now for a limited time through the home shopping channel!! I am gutted I cant get my hands on them. But I will drool and dream just the same!

Deborah Lippmann Steal My Kisses Magnetic Nail Lacquer Set
The fashion world is calling out for unique nail art. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann makes it easy for you to create intriguing designs with this magnetic wave nail color set. Apply the lacquers, move the magnetic pad around just above your nail's surface, and then flaunt your creations! These shades add some unexpect sizzle and spice to your manicure and pedicure. Go ahead: unleash your artistic side!

What You Get
Deborah Lippmann Steal My Kisses Magnetic Nail Lacquer Set Includes:
.5 fl. oz. Magnetic Nail Lacquer - Berry Metal (amethyst shimmer with plum wave effect)
.5 fl .oz. Magnetic Nail Lacquer - Love is a Battlefield (magnetic shimmer with mulberry wave effect)
Magnetic cap

Deborah Lippmann Nails of Steel Magnetic Nail Lacquer Set Includes:

.5 fl. oz. Magnetic Nail Lacquer - Big Red Machine (sherry shimmer and burgundy wave effect)
.5 fl. oz. Magnetic Nail Lacquer - Physical Attraction (hazelnut shimmer and chocolate wave effect)
Magnetic cap


  1. why can't you get your hands on them? I want magnetic polishes but these colours aren't speaking to me.

    1. HSN is the only one selling them and they dont accept canadian credit cards OR ship to canadian addresses.


  2. ship them too me and i'll send them your way i dont mind ! yet im a total stranger so i know youre going to say " whaatta hell" hahahhaa you dont have any other magnetics?!

    1. Haha! you are a sweetheart for offering. Its actually what I normally do. But HSN doesnt take canadian credit cards! I will either get them eventually or find something else! haha!

      I do have all five essence magnetic polishes en route to me along with the magnet!! I just have this irrational need to own every purple polish in existence.



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