Friday, February 24, 2012

Leighton Denny Atmospheric Collection - Swatches & Reviews

I have 5 of the six colours in this collection. Meet Me On Venus was NOT one I was interested in getting and thus didn't order. That one is described as a creamy mink with a satin finish. NOT my cup of tea!

The first one I have here is Purely Platonic. Described as a cool gunmetal shade. Its a very pretty colour and I love it. It was a great consistency and applied smoothly though brush strokes can be seen if you arent careful.  Two coats was more than perfect and its the perfect silvery grey colour.

Next up is Big Bang. Dense black and silver glitter polish this one was just as nice as the last. It was not as severe a black as I worried it would be. It applied beautifully but the description was way off in my books. It was more like gunmetal glitter suspended in a clear base. I love it, and think it would look AWESOME over black or grey, but not at all what I expected from the Leighton Denny website. I swatched this wtih one coat.

Your Planet Or Mine is a described as an oil-on-water effect polish with purple, brown, blue and green undertones. It was the one I was most excited about. To be honest? The bottle colour is beautiful. A bright shimmery blue green teal, but as for the oil on water effect description? I don't see it. If you look really really hard you can see a bit of purple duochrome effect but not much. It is also MUCH darker than shown on the website. The formula is not bad. Not as wonderful as the first two but two coats will still do the trick. Its a little runnier than I would prefer, but not bad.

Meteor Match is described as shimmering pale marine injected with glitter. This one looked the most complex in the bottle. A silvey, icy blue with moments you can see hints of both purple and green and loaded with silver glitter. This colour is so pretty yet there is something missing. Its like they tried to jam too much into the shade without actually achieving.. finality? A bit more duochrome or a bit more of the glitter to show up would have been better. And much more opacity. This needs at LEAST four coats to be opaque, probably five or six if you want no visible nail line. The formula is watery and its frustrating to apply. The dry time thankfully is not bad so AT LEAST it has that. Its pretty when its on, but not as promising as the bottle suggests.

The last one I have from the collection is Astronuaghty. Described as an intense plum with sizzling red shimmer, its NOT. This description and the bottle pics on the website are no where NEAR reality for this polish. It looks more purple in the bottle shots, but the swatch pics below are colour accurate. Its more like a dusty rose with copper shimmer. And intense? The swatches are with three coats, but I would say at least four to avoid the visible nail line. It is not a purple in my books and certainly not a plum. The formula was not QUITE as runny as Meteor Match, but still more watery than it should have been.

Purely Platonic, Big Bang, Your Planet Or Mine?, Meteor Match, Astronaughty

Purely Platonic, Big Bang, Your Planet Or Mine?, Meteor Match, Astronaughty

Purely Platonic, Big Bang, Your Planet Or Mine?, Meteor Match, Astronaughty 
Over all, I love Big Bang. Your Planet or Mine and Purely Platonic are not LOVE, but deep deep like. Astronaughty was the BIGGEST let down as the colour just was not what it says it is though its a perfect colour for my mom so it worked out well too. The only one I am really not sure about is Meteor Match. Its nice, but its way too much work for the typical day. I can see wearing for a special occasion if the colour matches though. I wish the formula was more consistent and the descriptions on the website were better, but I will certainly be ordering Leighton Denny polishes again.


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