Sunday, February 12, 2012

Llarowe Charity Auction - TAKE TWO

I really wish I had faith that this is going to go through, but I will not be surprised if I get home from work to find that it has either been cancelled, started early, or the method of the auction changed.

Now why, some of you may ask do I need to post this here? Why should I bother making a post about it? THIS IS WHY!!!

Not if any comments are rude and offensive, but if any comments have ANY NEGATIVITY!!! There is absolutely NO REASON to not repost on ebay like a grown adult and just do it by the rules.

And speaking of re-posting, in case MY comment is deleted, I will ask publicly, are you still making a donation matching dollar for dollar every penny earned?

I will give Leah Ann credit! She answered me fast and with no ill will for my post last night. I really don't think I was attacking her. I WANT her to succeed. But I think she needs to stop caring what others say, and at the same time, LISTEN to the constructive criticism. That being said, its a fine line and I really wish her well!

On the bright side, seems to not be her intent to delete all negative comments. just a communication barrier. Though not to sound like a broken record, but it may just be another reason to either skip the facebook platform or higher someone for PR to do so.


  1. She's unprofessional. Why does she continue to do this? I'm not the least bit apologetic for being honest and I will be bookmarking this page so if I ever go back to comment about something, I can pull it out and go "oh, but you said you'd be deleting PERSONAL ATTACKS". Though I'm almost certain she, and others, will find a way to misconstrue any criticism into an offensive, personal attack on her 'small business'.

    Every time she says something it's just, "oh, woe is me, you all are so supportive, and I am so sad, I'm going to walk into the ring of fire one more time and do something that makes even less sense than yesterday."

    And if I'm correct, which I could not be considering she is SO good at confusing people - the auction is on FACEBOOK?

    She just needs to stop.

  2. Am I the only one who finds the pet dying at the same time as negative backlash slightly suspicious?

  3. Shame on you folks for calling her integrity into question. It's like you WANT to perpetuate the drama.

    Here's here integrity for you: I made an order, used a coupon that by all rights I thought had expired (my fault for not using it) and found out it took off WAY TOO MUCH on my order after the order went thru and I had already paid. Not only did she ship out my order quickly, she assured me she'd send an invoice asap--she trusted me because I had purchased from her before. We're not talking a few dollars here folks. I still think she didn't invoice me for enough but I paid asap and probably got the polishes the next day or so.

    THAT is a person I have faith in. I've seen her give to multiple charities. I've been a fan of hers since before she was even selling Ozotics.

    She has the most unique polishes of any store online. I think she probably is overwhelmed--but if you don't like "negativity" on your blog--how would you feel about getting hate mail? I know it upsets me. I don't blame her for not burning out.

    It takes the same amount of time to be KIND as it does to be nasty. I'm all for constructive criticism but when it's cloaked in snarkiness and making up conspiracy theories--I'm just glad I don't view the world so negatively.



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