Sunday, February 26, 2012

China Glaze Eye Candy VS Sally Hansen Gem Crush

So I found these polishes and called a friend I had known was looking for them. She asked me to pick her up these four: Lorelei's Tiara, Some Like It Haute, Love Marilyn and Marry A Millionaire. When I saw them though I couldn't help but think they reminded me of the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Polishes. I picked up a couple extras for the Secret Easter Bunny exchanges but was not going to swatch the polishes I was giving away as gifts. Luckily my girlfriend said to swatch away on hers!

In ALL the swatches China Glaze will be on the left, and the Sally Hansen on the right and are done with two coats of polish for consistency sake!

First up, Lorelei's Tiara VS Showgirl Chic. In the bottle the glitter looks like a slightly darker shade of blue in the Gem Crush one, but swatched they are nearly identical. I really think they are close enough to be able to call them dupes of each other.

China Glaze Some Like it Haute VS Sally Hansen Glitz Gal. The only difference I could see was that the Sally Hansen version looked to have bigger chunks of glitter in it. But again, on the nail, I think they are more than close enough to say DUPE!

China Glaze Love Marilyn VS Sally Hansen Cha Ching. In this one, the difference seems to lie in the silver glitter. China Glaze seems to use more or it and larger pieces of it. Swatched, I once more think they are close enough to call dupe, though the china glaze one seems more sheer. I would say three coats of the CG one equal two coats of SH. Also, the bottle shots tend to suggest that Love Marilyn is slightly darker than Cha Ching but I don't see that difference when swatched.

OK, Marry A Millionaire from China Glaze really doesn't have a dupe in the Gem Crush Collection. The closest I could come up with was Be Jeweled and they are not close to the same. But I wanted to keep with form and shoot the comparison photos any ways!

For the very similar ones I would suggest going with China Glaze. They are easier to locate and a lot cheaper. That being said, I love the stubby brush in the Gem Crush ones and am happy to have those instead of these China Glaze ones. I bought two of the purple ones for two of my three Secret Easter Bunnies and am having second thoughts about keeping one of them! I am posting that here in hopes that my public announcement that I bought them for others keeps me to my word!!!

Do you have any of these? Or some from both collections? Which do you prefer?


  1. They now have the Gem Crush polishes at London drugs; it's the only place i've seen them locally. The one that really stood out was Big Money and I am so glad I got it, it is gorgeous and so unique. No dupe in the ChG collection, i think.

  2. Thanks for this, It was helpful in knowing which i wanted. =)



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