Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines Day Offerings From Lush.

So I was a very very very good girl today. Some of you might remember my project ten pan here that I started January 1st. I am through eight of my ten items already! But I am not done! Even though I am almost done two more I stood strong and passed up the CUTEST most awesome Lush Bubble Bars I have ever seen. I am seriously going to cry if I miss out on a magic mushroom! I mean, its called a magic mushroom for crying out loud!!

Moving on, I WAS good and didn't purchase anything (yet). But I did take pictures of all the new v-day goodness Lush has come out with!


Some people like to give candy-grams or flowers, but at LUSH, we think you should pop the all-important ‘Will you be my Valentine?' with a sensual, full body massage. Call us forward, but we think few gestures are as effective! Offer to massage your beloved with our Love-scented cocoa butter bar, Love Potion. Fresh apple blossom, orris root infusion and bergamot oils (along with aphrodisiac jasmine) cast a spell on their senses, leading them right down the path to shouting out 
“Yes! Yes! I'll always be yours!” in sheer pleasure. Job done. 

It's all about the foreplay: Prep for your massage by drawing them a bath with our Fizzbanger Bath Bomb. Plus, a name like that is definitely an icebreaker. Double the ‘Love': Follow your Love Potion massage with a spritz of our Love perfume!  Soft, romantic scents: Love Potion is full of gorgeous floral oils like carnation, ylang ylang, rose, apple blossom and jasmine.


If you have yet to declare your feelings for that special someone, give them a slice of our limited edition Sweetheart soap. After all, it smells better (and is kinder to the environment) than a valentine and they'll be reminded of your adoration every time they soap up with the jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood suds. The creamy, moisturizing lather will leave them soft, smiling - and thinking if you! If you're not quite ready to gift them with a P.S. I Love You, take it slow and work them into a lather with a slice of Sweetheart. 

Chocolates are so last year: Give your Valentine a scrumptious smelling slice of Sweetheart instead of chocolates- it will definitely last longer!  No honey here: Like most of our handmade soaps, this skin softening wonder is vegan. Snap up a slice: Sweetheart is only available for a limited time.
3.5 oz


Bath-time ‘shrooming
Magic Mushroom has two distinct scents. In the red cap, there's the nostalgic fragrance of our Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel (sniff); and in the white bit, we've used our signature creamy vanilla scent. Together, it blends to give you bubbles that smell like a bowl of fresh strawberries covered in cream. There won't be mushroom for anyone else in your life - or bath - when you've got one.
The Honourable Mr. Toadstool
Welcome back, little mushroom. It's been one long year since we said goodbye to our exceptionally fruity, sweetly creamy Bubble Bar and it's been tough. Make mounds of frothy bubbles with this limited edition romancer.

Vanilla Absolute is extracted from the beans of the plant. It is a thick brown substance that has a very sweet aroma that is widely used as flavouring in foods and in cosmetics. Vanilla absolute is the highest concentration of the aroma.
This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
3.5 oz


Someday, your prince will come.
Another magical creation by Michelle, The Frog Prince is an extremely handsome and regal frog with a pair of vibrantly red and kissable lips. Give him a quick peck, drop him in the tub and wait for your prince to come.
For all the lovers.
Simon's new fragrance is an aphrodisiac blend with sweet undertones; he used jasmine, neroli and rosewood to create a sensual fragrance for those longing for their prince - or princess - to come. It's not all about the fragrance with this one; it's also brimming with cocoa butter and almond oil for a luxuriously moisturizing soak.

Jasmine Absolute is extracted from the white blossoms. It has been used as a sensual aphrodisiac for centuries and has quite an effect on some people...
2.8 oz


Spurned Voodoo Lover
Michelle invented this one as an antidote to the valentine's sentiments and shaped it like a little gingerbread man; it's her own little spin on spurned lover voodoo
It's not me, it's you
Valentine's Day isn't for everyone. It can make your blood boil when you're not with anyone and it can do the same when you are. Our blue Bath Bomb was invented for wronged lovers and those who dislike the romantic sentiments of Valentine's Day.
Love doesn't even factor into it
While it has the cute blue colour of a Smurf, there's nothing quite so sweet about Ex Factor. Its musky, creamy scent and dissolvable limbs make for a wickedly fun bath, where you can fizz away appendages and head until your thirst for revenge has been satisfied.


This knotty little number is the perfect gift to share amongst friends. Very special sexy friends, that is. Four seductive pleasures for the bath bundled in a reusable knot wrap, giving a Do Knot Disturb sends a strong (and scented) signal! Together, you can indulge in the lavender bubbles of French Kiss, the fizzy floral Sex Bomb, jasmine-infused Lust soap and the (edible) honey and cocoa massage bar, Soft Coeur. Just make sure to use the tag as a door hanger first so neighbors know; Do Knot Disturb! 

We're naked inside: All four products in this sexy wrap are 100% packaging and preservative-free. 

Get knotty: This gift is made with a reusable knot wrap, made from three plastic bottles. Now that's what we call recycling! 

Everyday is Valentine's Day: The contents of this gift are available year round, so you can indulge in romance any day of the year.

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