Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Great Message............ Or Not?

I saw this picture on facebook and I emmediately shared it. It was a visceral gut reaction that really involved no conscience thought. Then I took a closer look and my blood started to boil. Are you serious??? Sizes 4, 12 and 16?? Unless I am seeing things or being delusional, I see more of a size 0, a size 4 and a size 10-12.

I am a size 6-8 on top and 10-12 on bottom. If a dress is A-lined I am a perfect size 8. If the dress is straight cut or cut on the bias, I need a size 12 with alterations. let me tell you people, I look NOTHING like the middle picture. And I really wish I looked as gorgeous and stunning as the third!

Yes, I completely agree with the message. But why can't we all just get serious and honest about the disparity between what woman see in the mirror, think in their head and reality. Images like this that feed into the problem while pawning it off as a good message DON'T help.


  1. I agre with your analysis... the only way those supposed sizes are true is if the models are over 6 feet tall. Possible, but still not representative of what sizes 4, 12 and 16 typically look like in real life. The message, while better than the average, still puts a number on whats supposedly attractive... whether the 'ideal' type is a 0 or 12, the message shouldnt be about that, but that every body is beautiful. Just my 2 cents.

  2. my ideal's the middle, i don't want to be the skinny bitch!!!

  3. That photo was originally published in the UK so they are UK sizes. Might explain why they don't look like the US numbers.

  4. Umm seriously. What size 12 looks like that girl in the middle? She's stunning but she's a sz6, tops. I'm a 12-16 on top and 8-12 on the bottom and I don't look anywhere near those girls. Honestly, its just insulting to non-model women.

  5. I think they have that royally screwed up! There is now way the one in the middle is a 12!

    I'm a size 2 and fit somewhere between the first two probably. I would say the first girl is a size 0, second girl is about a 4, and the third no idea but maybe an 8 or 10?



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