Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Fact Or Fiction?


These photos were taken from the blog HERE!

Now there are also photos on instagram from user nattiiee08

Now I have to say, they look fake to me. I'm sorry, but they DO!

Warning to all. I wouldnt take this as fact. I find it hard to believe that there is such a palette!


But wait! More and more people are posting saying they bought this in France. But why would France be the first place to get the UD palette that is from an American company? It makes no sense! I almost wonder, if it IS a real one and in that case Urban Decay REALLY dropped the ball on both quality, packaging and uniqueness of colour,  or maybe Sephora France itself got duped into buying fakes? Her blog post for these pictures is HERE

And these pics come from this blog HERE

So what do YOU think? Is it maybe actually REAL? Id love to hear your opinions!

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  1. Why would it made no sense ? L'Oréal bought UD so it's not so american now.
    Anyway, Sephora France just did a mistake and sold the palette when they had to keep them til january.

  2. You will see the 16th october this naked3 is real! ;)

  3. It looks real to me. The second set of Color Club Halo Hues were on eBay before the official release. I actually really like this palette, so let's hope it IS real!

  4. Hmmm, well if Urban Decay itself says it's not real, I have to believe it!

    1. well I thought the tweet from UD was kinda fague! They didnt really deny it... It is wierd that mutiple blogs have different photos of this product, i think its just a great marteking stunt to create a hype this way! Everybody is writing about it!

  5. I would love to see the back of that box. Cause UD has a code for it so you can tell a fake code from a real one.

  6. The pictures seems legit ak bought the colors look so similar to naked 1 and 2. Why don't you just wait and see of it is real or not? Save yourself the frustration

  7. The release was supposed to happen in the December, knowing that Sephora France already had the palletes in their possession and it happened to be a mistake that they released them one month earlier, confusing the dates. The palette was only available for sale for a few hours, until they realised the mistake and took them all out of sale. Some people had already purchased it,and although Sephora contacted the clients asking to keep it down, we all know how the internet is,it got out there.

  8. At this time I'm on the fence of being skeptical and believing it. Last time when it came to Naked 2 Urban Decay did the same thing and denied it. HOWEVER the girl who bought it posted her Sephora receipt so I highly doubt she's making it up. Still until it comes out on UD, Sephora or Lauren's site (packaging designer for UD) I'll keep an open mind that it's possibly (though unlikely) fake.

  9. Hello People!

    I'm one of the french girls who purchased this pallette. I was sceptic as you last tuesday but on wednersday i rushed to the sephora and purchased it. I got a receipt to show as well. This pallette is real, it's rose-gold toned, it has actually nothing to do with the two previous pallettes :) Pictures doesn't show how they really look like but they are really different from the two previous naked pallettes :)

  10. UD just posted on Facebook that the rumors are true and it's coming out soon.

  11. Urban decay just launched a video officially announcing naked 3 on their Facebook page! But no other images or info on the colors so still not sure if these are the real thing

  12. It's true and on UDs Facebook page. Egg on face much?

  13. Its real UD confirmed it and made a video of it. They weren't suppose to be sold yet. So they kept denying it and now that people are raving about with confirmation from France beauty gurus and makeup lovers they had no option but to come out with something.

  14. Egg on the face much?



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