Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tarte Off The Cuff Amazonian Clay Palette

Now I know that this palette is a hot item right now and I KNOW that it is sold out every where. But I have to say, I don't think that is going to be such a bad thing for many of you. Its a great quality palette and the product is fabulous but I think it wont work for many people. Myself included.

The palette comes wrapped in a faux leather cuff with a big metal bow on it. I think it looks kind of cheap and honestly is something I would never wear. But its not why I bought the palette and is just an extra. But to me I wish it wasnt with the set. Its simply a waste as far as I am concerned.

And then the palette. 

Now I know I already harped on this during my last Tarte review but seriously. PUT THE NAMES OF THE COLOURS ON THE DAMN PALETTE ITSELF?! OK?! Got it? Good. It seriously drives me mad! That clear plastic sheet is going to fall out of the palette with use and then no clue which colour is which.

From left to right we have Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface and Park Ave Princess. Dollface, Dazzled and Park Ave Princess are all available individually on the Sephora website, Dollface and Park Ave Princess are also available at Sephora as a duo. Crave and Darling are exclusive to this set.

Crave is a warm pink-coral, Dazzled a warm berry rose leaning a little mauve, Darling is a rose toned peach, Dollface a blue toned pink and Park Ave. Princess is gold toned brown. These all have VERY good colour pay off, but the downside is these have a REALLY GOOD colour pay off! 

Now I am pretty sure I am returning this. The ONLY colour I might wear, and I mean ONLY one is possibly dollface. And its available on its own for less money. I just cant justify keeping it. Now dont get me wrong, the colours are FABULOUS, but they are not for me. Too bright and dark. Too much work to make them work on my glow in the dark white skin. They are just too much. Oh, and these swatches are done LIGHTLY. They really swatch twice as dark!


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  2. i don't find them this dark and crazy when i wear them. i have to be careful with crave but all of the others work for me. however, park avenue princess is something i own full sized and have it hit pan on but i much prefer the tone of too faced's chocolate soleil on myself. reaching for park ap in this palette a lot more convenient than reaching to my individual one or the palette that contains too faced's bronzer. i really think you should try it on your face before returning it. i also own the blush tipsy, that crazy orange, and it looks surprisingly great on me. it was my favorite over the summer. maybe my dry skin has something to do with it but our faces have nowhere near the oil that our fingers do and that might contribute to how it appears so differently when worn versus swatched.

    1. I could make them work for me on my skin (the blushes, not the bronzer), but it would take A LOT of work. I am REALLY fair. As in Chanel doesnt make a shade LIGHT ENOUGH for me. Glow in the dark. Its just not going to work for me. Its too much effort and energy.

  3. If you're looking to sell possibly, please email me! Nabilaahmed@hotmail.com

  4. I have been looking for this, if you do ever decide to sell it, I will pay whatever you want for it :)



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