Monday, November 18, 2013

The Lip Bar Femme Fatale Swatches & Review

So this was probably the most out of the box purchase I made during IMATS. And its probably going to be a shock to all of you to see. This isn't just a pink product (as I do like neutral and light pinks for blushes and lipsticks) but its an IN YOUR FACE bright pink!

The brand is a new indie brand called The Lip Bar. And the colour choices are shocking! They are bright, bold and in your face. And the pen is super cute too!

Now I will be 100% honest. The packaging is what got me. I saw the booth, saw the purple, blue, turquoise and orange lipsticks, and kept walking. It was only after a friend of mine showed me her purchase that I went back. I was sucked in to the booth by nothing other than their packaging. The little luxe velvet bags are just too cute and got my attention.

The colour I got is WAY out of my comfort zone (and shockingly, one of the most subtle shades!!) was femme fatal.

And just look at the packaging! See what I meant by the packaging sucking me in?

And here it is! See what I mean? Totally NOT what you expect on my blog! I have worn this once and I have to say, while the formula is non drying  it is long lasting (it really leaves a good stain on your lips afterwards) . It is a nice formula that goes on smoothly without drag and stays on well. That being said, I felt VERY uncomfortable in it as it is WAY outside my comfort zone. I wont pretend I will wear this much (I have since put it on twice and wiped it off as I feel its too much) but I am determined to wear it at least occasionally!

And just to prove I did wear it once, here it is after its faded a bit.

They do have an online store HERE and the lipsticks retail for $20 each.


  1. I agree with you about it being an out there shade, but I think it looks quite good on you, especially in the last picture

  2. Although this is very bright you can pull it off. It has just the right tone for your skin so wear it & don't apologize!!

  3. OMG I need this in my life by Dec. 3 for my birthday! I love it! Great post!



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