Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chanel Les Beiges Powders and Brush Swatches & Review

So while in Toronto I picked the above two goodies up at the Shoppers Beauty Boutique in Eaton Centre. I got the Les Beiges powder in 10 which I fully expected to get. The brush I knew I was NOT going to get no matter how much they pushed it on me. She never once said a word about it. She started to put the powder on me though and I nearly had a fit. I was IMMEDIATELY like "I need that brush! Whatever brush it is, I NEED IT!!" and low and behold, it was the brush I didn't want. OMG. I'll gush about it shortly.

After getting home though, I was starting to regret not picking up the Les Beiges powder in 20 and so while at the beauty gala at The Bay, I picked up 020 (these are $60CAD). And got some additional goodies put in the bag!

I will swatch these Rouge Allure lipsticks for you all in another post! And I really liked the mascara so I am happy to have another one (just finished a tube of it recently)

So this is what I ended up with from the Les Beiges collection:

So at about this time you are probably asking yourself, "just what the hell is the les beiges powder?" Hell, I kept asking myself that question up to actually seeing them in person. Finishing powder? NOPE! Is it a foundation? NOPE! Is it a bronzing powder? Still wrong! So what the heck is it? Well, its kind of a hybrid mix of the three things, yet none of them at the same time.

This is NOT supposed to match your skintone. Lets start with that. It is MEANT to be darker. But its not a bronzer. Its a finishing powder of sorts claiming to be able to used in lieu of foundation (it cant, its far too sheer for actual coverage) to give you a slightly darker look. Basically, its a bronzer that ISN'T a bronzer. They also suggest getting a few different shades to be able to use it for contouring.

As you can see, the shades are very subtle. The shade 10 gives me just a slight (like maybe a single shade) hint of being darker but with a nice radiance that isn't shimmer or glitter or shine. And shade 20 is nice for a bit of a sunkissed look without being a bronzer or very obvious. They are subtle, but really nice (when not on a hairy arm like in the picture below!).

And the brush. O. M. G. The brush. Can I sing an ode to this brush now, or should I wait? Its just so wonderful. It feels like memory foam almost. More so like foam than like hairs. Its so soft and it really magically molds to your skin in an effortless way. I cant quite explain just how this feels, as I have never quite felt another brush like it.

Now lets be honest. The feel of the brush is irrelevant if the brush does not perform well. This brush thankfully performs superbly. It picks up a good amount of product without picking up too much. And it applies it nicely to the skin with little effort.

Overall, I am quite happy with these purchases!


  1. oh wow that brush looks so fluffy and amazing! hilarious that you ended up with the one thing you didn't want :)

  2. Being dead honest here, these products seem like items you do not really need.. thank god! (Aint nobody got $$ for Chanel!!)

    1. Being honest, you are right. This is not a NEED. But its just such a lovely subtle affect. Its not going to make someone go "OH MY GOD!!! YOUR ______ IS AMAZING!!" but its going to make someone think "her skin looks so much healthier...... i cant put my finger on whats different".

  3. THe Brush! <3 I'll check out the beauty boutique when im at the eatons centre next



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