Friday, November 22, 2013

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 7 In Lolita Swatches & Review

The Marc Jacobs Lolita palette is something I knew I needed pretty much from the second I saw Fleur De Force talk about it in one of her vlogs. If you are noticing a common theme with my buying everything Fleur buys, I see the pattern too. At this point the only solution I can find is to unsubscribe to her blog and both her YouTube channels, but I simply can't bring myself to do it.

The bag, is the same as the blush and to be honest, I am equally as unimpressed with this pouch as I was the other.

Yup, a stupid foam applicator. Not even a tiny crappy brush to pretend they put some effort into it. And most quads come with two, this one comes with one. For 7 colours of shadow. There seems to have been zero energy, thought or effort put into the decision to add one crappy useless foam applicator brush.

And the gorgeous palette. A neutral palette that makes me wonder if I even need to pretend I will ever use my Urban Decay Naked palette again.

Now, to be honest, the third shade, the matte choc brown is not quite as luxurious and soft as the rest, but these swatches are all one swipe with a finger in the shadow and one swipe on the arm (other than the matte chocolate brown which is two). With primer, even that shade is superb!

Are these shadows original? No. Are they probably already in your stash somewhere in the form of a dupe? Likely. Would I still recommend this palette? HELL YES! IF, and the big IF, you can fit in the budget. At a whopping $71 it is very pricey. But the shadows are excellent, the packaging sleek, and the fall out minimal. And I really mean minimal. The last shade on the right was the only one that really had much of ANY fallout, and for shades this pigmented to be shimmery and not have fallout is amazing. These also seem to have a bit of a more........... sophisticated isn't the word, adult feel to them in comparison to the Naked palette? It just seems a little more elegant. Maybe its the way the shimmer sits on the skin?

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  1. eek, it is lovely though out of my budget, the last shade on the right is just so pretty!



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