Monday, November 11, 2013

Shiseido Gift Set - Perfect Foundation Brush, Perfect Gift Set

So I want to show you all today a really ugly patent leather makeup bag/purse.

I hope you can see just how cheap and ugly the bag is. Because now I am going to tell you just how much you NEED to get this bag!

The first thing inside this bag is the Shideido Perfect Foundation Brush. And while perfect is a strong word, its applicable. This brush is AMAZING! The ONLY way I will apply foundation. Its simply brilliant. The ONLY downside, is that its a bitch to clean. But if you want a flawless airbrushed finish, forget the fingers, throw out the old foundation brush or old sponges and pick this brush up. You WONT regret it! Retail value - $35.

Next up in the bag is the Pore Refining Makeup Primer. This is a flesh toned face primer that blends clear. Its a silicone base but it feels light and seems to really smooth the face out nicely. Retail value - $30

And lastly, it comes with a box of facial cotton.

And how much is this ENTIRE set? $40! I TOLD you you needed to run to get it. I'll now leave you to run to Sears or The Bay and pick this set up!

Let me know if you picked this set up or are debating it! Have you TRIED the brush? YOU MUST!!!


  1. My sister has the day off so I sent her out to try and find one for me. Here's hoping she's successful!

  2. So she found it for me...but no box of facial cotton. :( I checked the wrapper and it doesn't say a box of facial cotton in included. I think you got really lucky!

    1. Glad you found it! The brush is amazing but a bitch to clean! And I am now learning the one at the Bay HAS the cotton, the one at Shoppers does not. i am unsure if the one at Sears does or not!



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