Friday, November 22, 2013

Cheapest Hair Chalk Ever!

So for those of you who did not watch Fleur's youtube video of her Hunger Games look, here it is

Now when I saw it, the first thing I did (after voting for her obviously!) was to go check out ebay for those hair chalks. They had WAY too many options if you ask me, Confused and not quite knowing JUST what to look for, I picked this set quite randomly

I figured for the price, $4.13 and $1.58 shipping, I was not going to be out much if it was a total bust!

Today, in the mail, I got the chalks.

Now I will take better pictures from NOT my cell phone, but I was just so impressed I had to share them with you asap. If the tops of the bright blue, green and red look slightly wet, it was because Puneet and I tried them out the minute they came. Now, I am sure you are all anxious for actual pictures, and they will come, but until then, GO RUN AND BUY THESE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me!!

Now please keep in mind, this was done in less than two minutes by just dipping the chalk in a cup of water and painting it on. We are both and work and thus can not really have FUN with them yet, but here is our quick test with them!


  1. wow! i can't believe how well these work on her dark hair, that's what always had me skeptical of hair chalk and I am blown away! my hair is super dark so I must grab some as well :)

  2. they look like they work really good..might need topick up some i amsure my kids would have a blast with them



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