Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shop For A Cause...

So last Saturday (the 16th) was the annual Beauty Gala at The Bay to raise funds for the Look Good Feel Better Campaign. Tickets were $10 with $8 redeemable in free product. My mom booked the makeovers and I said to book them anywhere other than Dior or Chanel (I sadly DID give her those directions. I figured I would be buying quite a bit of Dior and Chanel product in Toronto and probably didn't need anymore. Ironically all I purchased was from those two brands that night.

My mom scheduled our makeovers for Clinique. I thought that would be super easy because even if I didn't find any product that I wanted, I could ALWAYS buy moisturizer or clarifying lotion since I can always use that. My makeover was TERRIBLE. I mean, HORRIBLE. The makeup artist asked me nothing about likes or dislikes, said nothing the entire time, and when I asked what product he was using he snapped "concealer". I KNEW it was concealer. I was wondering WHICH concealer, but yeah....... That was about how the ENTIRE makeover went. My makeup looked HORRIBLE. I think I had 6 inches of eyeliner on my already small eyes, my mom said I looked like a hooker (though she often thinks that so that might not be saying much!) and I was ready to cry. I bought NOTHING. Not even the neutral palette I had put on hold.

I then walked by the Dior counter where the makeup artist there kind of laughed. "interesting eye makeup......" she said. I told her it had just been done by Harold at Clinique and I HATED IT. She offered to redo my makeup even though she was off and had already stayed late. THANK GOODNESS. I really loved what she did and got to watch a balloon artist do this while she worked on me:

Is that the coolest balloon animal or what? Balloon hulk! I ended up buying the concealer brush she used, the eye shadow quint and the blush. There was a gift with purchase when you spent $200 so I am not sure how, but the holiday palette just snuck in the bag as well. I am blaming someone else.

And if you spent $100 during the event you also got this set of three makeup bags.

You have already seen the Chanel powder I got that night, so that along with this was the entire haul of the night. Not too bad if you ask me, and thankfully the super awesome makeup artist from Dior was able to save the night as we were all going out for dinner after the event!

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  1. Ah that's horrible that he didn't ask you ANYTHING about what you wanted on your face that night. Working in makeup retail everyone knows the first rule is that you ALWAYS ask the customer about likes/dislikes. Sure I know some people would look great in purple eyeshadow, but if they hate it it's no good putting it on them if they're going out that evening! At least you had a lovely lady at Dior to help you out though :) Totally jealous of your haul too by the way ;) xxx



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