Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Diorblush In 876 Happy Cherry & 756 Rose Cherie Swatches/Review

So I have been feeling for quite a while that I am just not satisfied with my stash when it comes to blushes. I showed you all the Marc Jacobs blush recently, and I picked up quite a few others recently as well. These two Dior ones, as well as two creme Chanel blushes and a new Chanel powder one.

The shades I got were Happy Cherry and Rose Cherie. As always they come in these little velvet pouches that are just great for storing jewelry in when travelling.

And these compacts are the EXACT same casing as the 5 colour palettes from the brand if that gives you an idea of size.


And these are the colours. Rose Cherie on the left is a coral shade with shimmer. Its shimmer is quite obvious in the pan and swatched, yet very subtle and barely there on the cheeks. Happy Cherry is a bright pink that reminded me of the rosy glow blush by Dior but goes on much less sheer. Its a bright pink, while still looking quite natural when sheered out.

Rose Cherie (first swatched heavily to see the shade, then more as I would actually wear it):

Happy Cherry (first swatched heavily to see the shade, then more as I would actually wear it):

I do really like these, though you do have to have a light hand. I have certainly learned that some makeup brushes work better than others for these! But its nice to have some more options in my stash!  Stay tuned for many more reviews and swatches coming up in the next few weeks! I AM getting through my Toronto haul and Beauty gala reviews, slowly but surely!

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