Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tarte Of Giving Holiday Palette Swatches

So I was SUPER excited to get the Tarte Of Giving gift set. I went out just to buy it for ONE reason. The palette. And I HATE it. I can not even get over HOW disappointed I am in it. Its not the worst shadows in the world. Don't get me wrong. But seriously? Wet N Wild makes better shadows! This is a FAIL so big I don't even want to blog about it. So instead I am simply showing the pictures. 

So I am not going to talk about them at all. I will say the layout is as such: First picture the 5 shadows in question, the second picture a swatch of the top left, the top right, the bottom left, the bottom right and then the long one on the right swatched with a finger (two swipes) on an unprimed arm, then exactly the same with the UD Primer Potion in Original. I will let the photos talk for themselves. And I will try to figure out how to convince myself the two limited edition blushes I LOVE, the mini samples of eye cream and mascara I want to try and the bag are worth justifying keeping the set that cost me $66.


  1. Oh nooo...those swatches....breaks my heart for you. I'd return it, that's just gotta be painful to work with.

  2. You should return it. I did that with the Call of the Wild tarte palette. It was a disappointment to me. I have to say, the tarte circle palettes are great.



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