Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bondi NY - Quite AMAZING Flexibility!

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So I am working on a review of Bondi New York polishes even as I type this post. But I must say, the ability of the company to stick its foot in its mouth OVER AND OVER is quite astounding.  I can forgive quite a bit. Especially if I think its coming from a place of good intentions of if I think it was simply a regrettable comment.

This however, is INEXCUSABLE! How can one small indie brand do this? How about this tweet "Love @JulepMaven? Sign up with @BondiNYC for a double dose of polish every month!" That would have been nice. The code JULEPANDBONDI would have worked! But to trash a company like this is inexcusable. I am NOT impressed!!!

Bondi - How do you get your foot so far in your mouth? Its quite astounding!


  1. It's not a big deal to me at all. Bondi's polish stack up leaps and bounds above Julep in formula, at least from the eight(?) polishes I presently own from them. And business trash talk each other all the time. Sometimes, it's directly, through calling them out by name, and others, it's indirect, such as playing their themes in a commercial or imitating their spokesperson. Nothing in this post was inherently destructive to Julep, other than saying to cancel them. Either way it happens, I don't see you rushing out to cancel their car insurance because one company used another company's mascot in a commercial in a demeaning way. The important thing is that no one *has* to cancel Julep to take advantage of the good deal, and Julep is one of Bondi's biggest competitors right now. It makes sense for them to find effective ways to compete with them. Nor do I think Julep will really feel any hurt from this post as many of us dual subscribers will continue with both subscriptions regardless of what is said between the two. Bondi and Julep can trash talk each other all they want, as competitors do. At the end of the day what matters is their products, and as long as their products continue to ship to me in good quality and as promised, I don't care what they say. Just my two sense of course, take them or leave them.

  2. While I don't necessarily agree with your opinion of the trashtalking (I mean, it happens everywhere - Apple and Android consistently take stabs at each other), I will just say that the fact they are taking new customers (700 I believe they posted this morning?) before fulfilling the September and now October orders is deplorable. I knew that their "wonderful customer service" that they had in the beginning wasn't going to last long, and I am glad that I never subscribed. Hell, I'm still waiting on the free bottle of 7 Train that I won for winning their naming contest.

  3. I do like their nail polish, but I have been put off for awhile. Richard and the company seem to constantly be in drama. This post was the last straw. When and if I ever get my September box I am canceling. Julep has issues but I have never had a problem with their customer service, we get out boxes on time and the CEO doesn't engage in drama. Bondi may have a good polish but I can't give my hardearned money to such a petty man.

    1. Except 100% of all profits go to charity so technically he's not really "getting" your money.

      Also, their ~marketing~ strategy seemed to work perfectly. It certainly got bloggers who also like to engage in drama to post their promo. Yeah, some people will be turned away, but they'll also get pretty close to free advertising in people who'll just spread it around. Posting about it certainly has attracted attention :)

    2. You say 100% of their profits go to charity. The charity they list is not a licensed charity, nor does it exist as of yet. So where is the money going?

  4. it's really sad that you have to try and invent drama to get hits on your blog. try and do something more productive with your time.

  5. I like Bondi but I agree 100% with you about this promotion. Yes it got attention but to me, the wrong kind. I also agree about the timing of this seeming really off since the Sept and Oct boxes aren't out. As an aside, I never understood why anyone would cancel Julep as you can easily skip any month.

  6. I subscribed to the first Bondi box in August and finally canceled a couple of weeks ago. I finally lost trust after numerous delays and broken promises. I also had questions about the "charity" promises. I was unable to find anything other than a couple of very general sentences on their website about giving profits to charity. That wasn't good enough for me. I know their polishes have gotten good reviews, but I don't know. Something seemed a bit fishy about it all and I finally decided to get out.

  7. I think that they could have handled their competition with Julep way better. Why didn't they say something different?



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