Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gosh Frosted Sand Look Glittery Matte Finish Polishes Swatched!

I was super excited to find these in store (and only about 8 weeks after seeing them announced on GOSH UK's website!) and had to pick up all three. Gosh polishes AND liquid sands in one? Sign me up please!

The formula on all three of these was gorgeous and the dry time fantastic. One coat will do, but if you want a darker deeper colour, I would go for two coats! The only thing to note is that the formula smells! Really smells! You know what nail polish smelled like in the 90s? Thats what these are like. The strong nail polish smell of years passed. But they are so beautiful and apply so wonderfully, they are worth putting up with the smell!

This silver one surprised me. It dries to a much lighter silver than the bottle might make you think. Its a silvery white liquid sand and not the almost grey silver it looks like its going to be. And while these shots are on macro, in real life, you really dont see all these spots of black. If you stick your nail up to your eye, maybe then you see a few odd dark spots, but overall, you dont see it!

As you can see, this gold one dries to a yellowy gold finish.

And Frosted Purple is a taupe leaning subtle purple that I just love (and was the first one I put on my fingers!!)


These are $7 each and available at Shoppers Drug Mart! I picked them up just last week so you should be able to find them if you are so inclined! I sure would! They are GORGEOUS! And will be PERFECT for the holidays


  1. There's a polish by models own called gold finger. i want it so bad but cant find it in canada. They didn't even have it at the london airport. Its like liquid gold with gold glitter. Similar to the one above but more glitzy.



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