Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LORAC Dazzling Dozen Limited Edition Eye Shadow Collection - Swatched.

When I saw this set advertised for sale on the Ulta website I had a little bit of a tantrum. TWELVE full sized eye shadows that retail for $19 each for $35?! And NOT available in Canada? LORAC immediately went on my shit list. I mean, come on! They took the brand out of Canadian Sephora stores and now its an online only deal-io. Whats next? Why does the brand hate us? And why do I love the eyeshadows so much?

Now I only want half of these. But its cheaper to buy all 12 than to buy two! AND... I asked my mom if "hypothetically" she could choose any 6 from this set which six would it be and she chose the same 6 I didnt want! FATE! So with the set split at $17.50 a piece for 6 shadows, all the jinx girls are happy. Bluejinx (me)
and Pinkjinx (mom).

Here are the six for me:

Now I should mention all these swatches are WITHOUT primer, WITHOUT a brush, just using a finger to swatch them. Are you as impressed as I am? These shades are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

And now I should grudgingly admit that the 6 that are my moms are maybe even NICER than the 6 that are mine. In pigmentation and payoff. Not that I would wear any of them!

Again, ONE SWIPE with NO PRIMER! The glitter fall out in Celebutante and Starlight is a little reminiscent of Urban Decay shadows of yesteryear and my mom wore Starlight over her eyeliner the other day and it flaked off in chunks. Something neither one of us has ever experienced before. I would recommend a sticky base if you can find one! But oh my goodness are they gorgeous!!!! Talk about night and day difference from the Tarte ones!


  1. I know I don't need them, but still kinda wishing I owned them. So pretty!

  2. I just received the LORAC rock n red palette from an ULTA order today. I haven't opened it because I may gift it, but you are making it very hard not to keep it for myself!

  3. I'm really looking into buying a lorac palette. I've heard so many good things about lorak!:)



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