Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2 Set For Holiday 2013 - Swatched

So I picked up the new Urban Decay liners because, lets face it, Im a 24/7 liner whore. I love them. They are the ONLY eyeliners I use. They are the only liners I CAN use that dont me look like a racoon. And so of course I picked up this set. The value is great. $68 for 8 full sized instead of $23 each. SO its buy 3 get a dollar off and 5 free and a grindhouse free! So what that I only want 5 in the set? Still a great deal! And I got to gift the backup Perversion and make a friends day! So double win!

The only thing to really note other than "Look at the pretty colours" is the Grindhouse has been redesigned. It really is the best sharpener I have ever used. It even cuts through those almost plastic NYX shadow pencils like butter! Neon yellow and matte now. Not quite as big a receptacle in it as the old one so you may be emptying it a little more frequently though.

So here are the actual pencils Again, all I can say is "look at the pretty colours". I like that Crave is Matte and for some bizarre reason I like that the pencil itself LOOKS matte. Really, who cares what the outer label looks like if it works, but it still is quite nice. And Roach and Twice baked have a shimmery label to match the shimmery finish. These are really quite glittery yet the fall out isn't a worry.


  1. I think this will be a perfect gift for Christmas for a 16 year old..She loves doing eyes,,I love plain jane look..Thanks for posting this!

  2. Was so drooling over this set at Ulta, had the smaller set in hand and put both back. Now I'm kicking myself!

  3. If you had to pick between this set and the Black market set which would you recommend? I wonder with the 3/4 sized 6 at $36 vs 8 full size at $59 with the sharpener.

    1. This one! If you look, I posted swatches of the black market set as well! I much prefer this one!



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