Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bourjois Paris Twist Up The Volume Mascara In Black Review

I know a lot of friends and lot of beauty bloggers who carry with them two mascaras to use at the same time. They combine multiple formulas to get the perfect combination. But the truth is at least in my opinion that the formula is the SECOND most important part of a mascara. To me, the brush is the most important thing. So this is pretty much a two in one Mascara. you twist the top towards the one for a lengthening mascara, and then turn it to the two for a volumizing mascara. 

So if you look above, the lengthening one looks like that, and then when you turn it to the volumizing option it looks like the image below:

So now the big question. Does it work? How do I like it? Well, I guess this is going to be an odd review. Because OH MY GOSH DOES IT WORK! And at the same time, OMG DO I HATE IT!

Lets start with some before photos:

As you can see, I have very light reddish leaning dirty blonde lashes (or light brownish) that are VERY short and VERY hard to see from a distance. 

Now to be fair, I don't gravitate towards black mascaras because I find them too harsh on me. So part of my not liking this mascara to be fair is that it is the wrong colour. So I knew LOVING it was going to be a tough task for this mascara. But its one of the newest offerings from the brand and I wanted to try it, and since it didn't come in brown, black it was! 

Now after applying one coat on each eye with the lengthening followed by one coat with the volumizing, this is the result:

Now this picture does not quite show just how drastic this made my lashes look. It really makes my lashes look like false lashes. Now this is not a bad thing for a mascara. Its actually what many woman WANT in a mascara. For me, I like a natural, neutral eye and I want a mascara to make my lashes look great without making them look false. This is simply TOO MUCH for me. I am beyond impressed with how this mascara works. I can't say this is for me, I really hate it on MY lashes, but I cant stress how great a mascara this is for people who want the look of big fat long lashes. 

Bourjois Paris Twist up the Volume mascara can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart for $20!


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