Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Have you ever had that product that you just WANT? You hear about it, you see it, you KNOW you want it, yet you never pick it up? Its not that you are actively not purchasing it. Its just that it kind of leaves your mind when in the store? Or you see something else that is limited edition that pulls you in more so than the thing your lemming?

This is me and ambient lighting palettes from Hourglass. I have heard AMAZING things about it, time and again, and I want to try one. They come in ethereal, diffused, dim, mood, luminous or radiant lighting and are $45US/$52CAD for a compact that is .35oz. So when I saw THIS palette come out for the holidays I screamed! I NEED THIS! It has a limited edition shade (incandescent) and both dim and radiant from the permanent line. The pricing is not great. Its $58US/$67CAD for 3x .116oz meaning the same weight of one regular compact but you pay a third more. BUT you get to try THREE shades! I need this. And it will be mine!

Have you tried any of these shades as of yet? If so which are your favorite?


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