Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Illusionists Collection For Butter London Holiday 2013

So I originally posted a couple sets and duos. But here we go with a guide to the actual new full sized colours as of now. 
  • Bramble Nail Lacquer - An opaque, eggplant cream named for prickly shrubs with a gorgeous hue and delicious berries.
  • Stardust Overcoat - Sheer, silver holographic overcoat, like a magical sprinkling of stars.
  • Petrol Overcoat - Sheer, tornate overcoat with the opalescent sheen of oil reflected in rain.
  • Stratford Honey Overcoat - A sheer, gold shimmer overcoat named for a historic London town.


And the two duos, now available on the Butter London website are not part of this collection, but they kind of really are since they are in the same vain with top coats and base colours!

Double Take Fire Duo
  • Rebel Fox Nail Lacquer: Opaque, oxblood shimmer; A cheeky minx who loves a good night out.
  • Brass Monkey Overcoat: Sheer, copper opal fleck overcoat. A delicious cocktail for sparkly night time fun.

Double Take Ice Duo
  • Bluecoat Nail Lacquer: Opaque, navy shimmer. A twist on the traditional style of dress in British private schools.
  • Leccy Overcoat: Sheer, blue opal fleck overcoat. Brit slang for electricity



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