Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quo Back To Basics Palette (Naked Palette Dupe)

Ok everyone, this is not a new post. I posted it last year as soon  as I became aware of it and got my hands on it, but sadly it was after the Quo Back To Basics Palette had sold out everywere. But, it came back this year! So, I wanted to repost this and tell you its out now! In stores! For $25!! So if you were one of the many who wanted it and didn't get it last year, go run! After you read this post of course!

So, when the lovely Aleksandra from Plumpish Beauty mentioned that she picked up the Back To Basics palette from Quo, the first think I asked her was how it compared to the Naked Palette. While she did not have the Urban Decay one, and I did not have the Quo one, we figured out how to compare them! So we got them together for a play date and I think I can safely say we were both SHOCKED at what we found!!

The Urban Decay one contains 12 full sized eyeshadows (1.3g each) and the Quo one contains a about 25% less product with 12 1g eyeshadows. But at half the price, it is still a cheaper palette. And since we as crazy beauty lovers tend to do, we rarely finish shadows, so I dont think the size difference matters much. At $25 vs a Canadian price of $60 (yes, it is a full $10 more expensive here!!) it is a steal!

And when we opened them up our jaws fell open. They'e basically IDENTICAL! Since Aleksandra had not yet swatched hers I wasn't about to swatch her shadows first, but they look like THE SAME PALETTE!!!

Here are the first four shadows (keep in mind my UD palette on the left has been very much used):

The next four:

The last four in the palette:

I am totally stunned. They look like the same palette. I am not sure how I feel about the idea that they basically copied the ENTIRE palette, right down to the full sized brush that comes inside. It seems kind of wrong to me. Kind of like beauty plagiarism. That being said, if they swatch well (we will have to wait for Aleksandra to swatch them) it is BY FAR the cheaper option for essentially the identical palette!


  1. Please let us know how they swatch! If it's good I'll be speeding to the nearest Shopper's! Thanks for being awesome :)

    1. The swatches are good. Not great. I played with them in store. As good as UD? No. Bad quality palette though? Not at all! I'd recommend it if $60 for UD is out of the budget. If they came out with a Back to Basics 2 to dupe Naked 2 I'd pick it up. But I have the naked palette already so I don't need this!

  2. Oooh, seems like a nice alternative ^^

  3. I didn't know about the Quo knock off. I'll have to look for it. Thanks!



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