Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yves Rocher Jardins Du Monde Shower Gels

I remember as a young teenager ordering from Yves Rocher. You used to get these catalogues in the mail and you got so many items for a set cheap price, a ton of freebies, and then you repeated. I remember waiting anxiously for those boxes. And I remember not using or throwing out half the cheap crappy makeup. Was it really cheap or crappy? Maybe it was just the inability to actually see colours in person or try things out in person resulting in my purchasing the wrong products. I really don't know. It has been YEARS since I ever tried the brand. 

About a month or so ago my mom was making a purchase online. Picture me sitting in her office going "WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!" "POMEGRANATE!!!!!". I don't recall the exact deal it was, but I know my mom needed a certain dollar amount to get to the free shipping. And in that order my mom got me the two scents I was screaming out (in her ear!). Now the ones in the photo are my moms (minus the watermelon one, she HATES melon scented anything). But with a bathroom full of LUSH, Cake, Philosophy, Body Shop and others, I have never seen her go through a bunch of shower gels as fast as these. And having now taken quite a few baths with the Watermelon one, OH EM GEE can I say I get it!

This is just to show you the ones we have in the house. These Jardins Du Monde Shower Gels come in the following scents: Spanish pomegranate, lime from Mexico, Brazilian watermelon, Vetiver from Haiti, Laotian lotus, Indian cotton, Mexican aloe vera, African cocoa bean, Brazilian coffee beans, Florida orange and Provencal lavandin. These not only smell AMAZING, they actually are amazing quality also! A little bit fills our wonderfully oversized bathtub FULL of bubbles. You can see how many bubbles are in the bathtub when it is only an eighth full. And the bubbles LAST. And they smell amazing.

Oh yeah, and they are only $3.95 each!

So a big thank you to my mom for the random gift of bubbles and I can say I will for SURE be ordering more of these! I still love my Molton Brown scents more. They feel a little more luxurious and the scent lingers a little bit after the bath. These smell great for the hour I sit in the bubble bath reading but does not linger on the skin. But if I were to compare this to other brands, they work as well or better. The ONLY reason to keep getting lush bubble bars is the scents are non comparable. Not better or worse, just totally completely different.

For the $3.95 price tag I can NOT recommend these enough. And if they were $12 or $15 each I would STILL be recommending them. They are one of the best bubble baths I have ever used.

As mentioned my mom bought me these. While I didn't buy them, I will be repurchasing. For you to buy them, you can check them out on the Yves Rocher site HERE.  It looks like shipping is free on orders above $40 or $4.95 otherwise. So that means I think I need to order 11 of these for free shipping. I guess its only right to pick up a couple for my mom too!


  1. This month one of their free gifts is a 1.7 oz bottle of perfume which is a pretty nice scent. Their $5 bottles are great for trials. Skin care is also great from Yves Rocher & they have nice hair products.

  2. I've always been so meh about Yves Rocher, but having read your review, it might be worth another look. Thanks!



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